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Social Contribution Activities

Disaster Relief Activities

Volunteer Support for Reconstruction of Areas Impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake

After providing initial disaster relief donations in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, MARUI GROUP UNION and the MARUI GROUP Welfare Committee have continued to make donations every summer since the disaster to fund the activities of the Iwate Prefecture volunteer organization Tono Magokoro Net and to provide scholarships to students from Iwate who are pursuing higher education. Furthermore, we began offering human support shortly after the earthquake by dispatching officers to the disaster-stricken areas to support reconstruction through the Japan Federation of Service and Distributive Workers Unions, which was the body overseeing these activities at the time. We have also conducted ongoing volunteer activities since February 2012 by leveraging the attributes of MARUI GROUP's employee base, namely that it consists of a large number of women and that employees tend to be able to take part in such activities on weekdays and are skillful at providing customer service.

Community Building Support

Support for Sales of Handmade Items to Provide Work and Create Employment Opportunities

Reconstruction Support Following the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes


Environmental Volunteer Activities

Mt. Fuji National Trust

Cleanup Activities Conducted Together with Community Members

Water Sprinkling Campaign

Blood Drives

MARUI GROUP UNION and the MARUI GROUP Welfare Committee coordinate with the Japanese Red Cross Society to hold periodic blood drives at the workplace level in order to help supply blood, a precious resource for the medical field for which supply is lacking.

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