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MARUI GROUP Social Media Policy

MARUI GROUP (the Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates) utilizes social media as a communication tool for facilitating co-creation activities with all of its stakeholders. MARUI GROUP has established and complies with the following policies regarding the operation of official social media accounts and private social media use by Group officers and employees.

  • 1. Basic Policies
  • MARUI GROUP officers and employees are expected to comply with relevant laws and to adhere to the MARUI GROUP Code of Conduct and internal regulations in their use of social media. Moreover, officers and employees should recognize that it is nearly impossible to completely delete information from the Internet after it has been disseminated through social media. Officers and employees should always act with good common sense in recognition of this fact. Official social media accounts operated by MARUI GROUP should be used as tools for sincere and appropriate communication based on respect for the diverse views of stakeholders.

2. Education Regarding Private Social Media Use

MARUI GROUP shall provide regular education regarding private use of social media in order to facilitate ongoing improvements in awareness among Group officers and employees.

Social media postings by MARUI GROUP officers and employees on private social media accounts represent the opinions of the individual that made the posts. Official announcements and statements by MARUI GROUP will be issued through MARUI GROUP’s corporate website or through official social media accounts operated by MARUI GROUP.

3. Official MARUI GROUP Social Media Accounts

MARUI GROUP has established standards regarding the opening of official MARUI GROUP social media accounts, and internal authorization is required to open such an account. Operating official social media accounts presents the risk of unexpected incidents occurring due to the misinterpretation of statements made through these accounts. MARUI GROUP therefore works to ensure that all statements use appropriate language in consideration of this risk. Postings may be deleted from official social media accounts should the postings or the language used therein be deemed inappropriate.

4. List of Official MARUI GROUP Social Media Accounts

The following is a list of the official social media accounts authorized by MARUI GROUP.






Established on June 25, 2018