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Medium-Term Management Plan

As of October, 2021

MARUI GROUP has established a five-year medium-term management plan slated to conclude with the fiscal year ending March 31, 2026, that targets improvements in corporate value. The framework of this plan emphasizes synergies between business strategies, capital policy, and impact targets in order to strike a balance between business and social impacts.

KPI Targets for the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2026

Future Direction

  • Pursuit of balance between profits and social issue resolution through co-creation with younger generations
  • Transformation into a platform provider merging online and offline venues through stores and fintech
  • Evolution into an intellectual creation company by concentrating human resources, software, new businesses, and co-creative investments on intangible assets
  • Inclusion of stakeholders on the Board of Directors to promote co-creation management to achieve harmony between the interests and happiness of different stakeholders

Specific Initiatives
(Business Strategies × Capital Policy × Impact)

Business Strategies


MARUI GROUP has been evolving its prior department-store model through means such as employing fixed-term rental contracts. The third stage of this evolution is stores that do not sell; rather, they are focused on providing experiences. Building upon this, the fourth stage will be eventful stores that allow customers to find offerings that match their preferences and present new discoveries for them upon every visit. By advancing this evolution, we look to reach a new fifth stage that will be completed through new businesses.

Stores That Do Not Sell Transformation into a platform provider merging online and offline venues through creation of new business models via co-creation with companies born on the internet
Funding and operational support for the opening of physical stores by companies born on the internet
Expansion of experience-providing tenants to broaden collaboration with co-creative investees and other companies born on the internet
Eventful Stores Broadening of range of anime, entertainment, sustainability, and other events that allow all customers to find offerings that match their preferences
Improvement of profitability through ongoing credit card use promoted by encouraging application for credit cards that support individual preferences through a broadening range of events


Competition is expected to intensify in conjunction with the popularization of cashless payments, meaning that accelerating the development of unique businesses will be more important than ever. As we accelerate such business development efforts, we will also ramp up initiatives for accommodating new values along with the digitization trend.

Synergies Between
New Cards and Apps
Improvement of safety and convenience and expansion into small-sum transaction areas through new cards
Increase of lifetime value via support for all areas of customer lifestyles through new apps
Cardholder Strategies Reorganization of card issuance bases with consideration for cardholder acquisition costs and lifestyle value
Unique card strategies based on the two pillars of Gold cards and anime and other cards that support individual preferences
Maximization of Share of
Household Finances*
Enhancement of rent-, recurring payment-, and e-commerce-related initiatives to stabilize earnings and differentiate businesses
Synergies with
Co-Creative Investees
Generation of synergies through expansion of collaboration with co-creative investees and provision of new financial services

* Strategy of providing unique financial and payment services targeting all areas of customers' household finances in order to maximize the share of household finance payments (rent and other payments generally conducted via bank account transfer, e-commerce payments, etc.), performed using EPOS cards in all areas of customers' lifestyles

Forward-Looking Investments

Forward-looking investments comprise prior new business investments, aimed at creating innovation through internal efforts, and co-creative investments, for incorporating innovations born out of external collaboration. Through these investments, MARUI GROUP aims to strike a balance between business and social impacts and profits.

New Business
MARUI GROUP looks to direct customer traffic to its e-commerce storefronts by creating fans of the Company through websites, social media, and owned media. Moreover, the FinTech segment will arrange in-store events and provide credit to recruit cardholders as part of the Company's efforts to develop a unique business model with a high barrier of entry.
Adhering to the co-creation philosophy it has embraced since its founding, MARUI GROUP will conduct co-creative investments for the purpose of co-creating value in order to grow long-term earnings through financial returns and contributions to the profits of existing businesses.

Capital Policy

MARUI GROUP is restructuring its balance sheet through the optimization of its equity ratio and the reallocation of capital surplus in conjunction with the stabilization of its retailing business structure.


Based on MARUI GROUP's 2050 Vision, we have set impact targets related to sustainability and well-being in order to facilitate co-creation management for the purpose of achieving harmony between the interests and happiness of stakeholders. Specifically, our medium-term management plan defines three co-creation approaches—creating a future for future generations, creating happiness for individuals, and creating platforms for co-creation—along with related priorities, initiatives, and numerical targets.

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