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Co-Creation with Stakeholders

MARUI GROUP is reinforcing its co-creation management activities through constructive engagement with stakeholders with the ultimate goal of developing a business that brings joy to all customers. These initiatives are also aimed at winning the support of employees, customers, shareholders, other investors, members of communities and society as a whole, and business partners with regard to our inclusion-oriented activities.

Our Vision for Co-Creation Management

When formulating its long-term vision for 2050, MARUI GROUP included future generations alongside the prior five rings of stakeholders it emphasized. The introduction of this sixth ring of stakeholders is a declaration of MARUI GROUP's commitment to the interests of both current and future generations.

The interests of current generations are often thought to be at odds with the interests of future generations. To transcend this dichotomy, MARUI GROUP has embraced the concept of lifetime value, which entails steady, ongoing increases in value without overemphasizing the interests of current or future generations. MARUI GROUP's co-creation sustainability management aims to achieve harmony between, and expand the interests (happiness) of, the six rings of stakeholders to create new value.

Six Rings of Stakeholder Governance
Including Future Generations

Co-Creation with Customers

The planning meetings we hold with customers are not just a venue for soliciting customer feedback; they are a co-creation activity that invites customers to take part in the value creation process for developing stores and products that all customers choose.


Co-Creation with Shareholders and Other Investors

Through coordination between the IR Department and the ESG Promotion Department, MARUI GROUP has been enhancing communication with investors and stepping up information disclosure. These initiatives have earned the Company praise, with it receiving various awards and being included in numerous indexes.

Co-Creation with Business Partners

The Marui Group Procurement Policy was formulated in 2016, and we conduct surveys and on-site investigations together with business partners to ensure a stable supply of products and confirm partners' human rights and work environment initiatives.


Co-Creation with Employees

Our intra-Group project teams, including the Diversity Project Team, Marui Future Project Team, Healthcare Promotion Project, Medium-Term Management Visionary Committee, and other such forums, provide opportunities for employees to discuss and share thoughts with individuals from other companies.


Co-Creation with Communities and Society

MARUI GROUP is engaged in co-creation activities with society. It participated in the TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE 2018 LGBT pride event and held an event that utilized the anime series Osomatsu-san. We aim to increase the number of EPOS card collaboration partners.


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