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MARUI GROUP's View on Corporate Value

MARUI GROUP practices co-creation management with the goal of co-creating happiness together with our stakeholders. MARUI GROUP's various stakeholders include customers, business partners, investors, communities and society, and employees. When formulating its long-term vision for 2050 in 2019, MARUI GROUP included "future generations" alongside the prior five rings of stakeholders it emphasized. The introduction of this sixth ring of stakeholders is a declaration of MARUI GROUP's belief that true corporate value entails looking beyond the short-term happiness of current generations to promote harmony and the expansion of the intersection between the interests and happiness of all stakeholders, including future generations.

  1. Interests and Happiness
  2. The value sought by stakeholders includes interests that can be measured monetarily. Such interests include employee wages, shareholder dividends, product prices, and costs for business partners. These interests can sometimes appear to be in conflict when viewed from a short-term perspective. At the same time, stakeholders seek a value that cannot be measured monetarily—happiness. The types of value sought by stakeholders sometimes fall into conflict with one another. However, we are confident that it is possible to achieve harmony and expand the intersection between the interests and happiness of all stakeholders through dialogue and co-creation advanced over the medium-to-long term. As we move forward, we will formulate theories on types of interests and happiness desired by all groups of stakeholders to be incorporated into indicators for evaluating the effectiveness of management.

Theoretical Radar Chart of
Interest and Happiness Value Sought by Stakeholders

An explanation of this radar chart can be found in the message from President Hiroshi Aoi accessible from the link below.

  1. Impact
  2. MARUI GROUP's idea of impact is focused on stakeholders, looking at what we can do to respond to the needs and wants of stakeholders. Impact has been framed as a new perspective for gauging the interests of stakeholders and, the more difficult, quantifying happiness. By accomplishing these impact targets, MARUI GROUP will contribute to the creation of a flourishing and inclusive society that offers happiness to all.

Relationship Between Desired Impact, Stakeholder Value, and Corporate

MARUI GROUP has defined three impact targets: creating a future for future generations together, creating happiness for individuals, and creating platforms for co-creation. To guide us in accomplishing these sustainability- and well-being-minded targets, we have put forth six priority measures together with relevant key performance indicators.

  1. Vision of Co-Creation Management
  2. MARUI GROUP's mission incorporates cherished values such as happiness and inclusion. Moreover, this mission is differentiated from that of our peers through the co-creation that is characteristic of MARUI GROUP. Our concept of co-creation originates from the co-creation of creditability that was advocated by our founder. We refer to the practice of shaping our business based on this spirit of co-creation as "co-creation management." MARUI GROUP is, of course, focused on the co-creation of happiness. At the same time, we seek to go further to share the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic with our stakeholders and strengthen our bonds as partners growing together. This is co-creation management in its truest form and is also the path we will take toward overcoming this crisis.
  1. View of Partnership
  2. MARUI GROUP views its stakeholders as partners in its quest to co-create happiness for the future. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly realized that it was our partnership with our business operators that supported MARUI GROUP. This intangible partnership founded on trust is what underpins co-creation at MARUI GROUP.
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