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Co-Creation with All Stakeholders

Co-Creation with All Stakeholders

MARUI GROUP has a corporate culture of listening to customer input that dates back to its founding. Dialogue with customers and other stakeholders is exceptionally important to co-creation management, and we seek to always make communication constructive, never marginalizing others' opinions. Such dialogue is crucial to achieving harmony between the interests and the happiness of all stakeholders. We must continue innovating our business frameworks and practices in order to increase the intersection between stakeholder interests and happiness. This is MARUI GROUP's approach toward innovation and its vision for co-creation management.

MARUI GROUP's Multi-Stakeholder Corporate Governance

Co-Creation with Customers

The planning meetings we hold with customers are not just a venue for soliciting customer feedback; they are a co-creation activity that invites customers to take part in the value creation process for developing stores and products that all customers choose.

Co-Creation with Shareholders and Other Investors

We established the IR Department in October 2015, and, in one year, we met with approximately 300 institutional investors, including those overseas. We then formed the ESG Promotion Department in October 2016, through which we are enhancing communication with ESG-minded investors and the disclosure of ESG information.

Co-Creation with Business Partners

The Marui Group Procurement Policy was formulated in April 2016, and we conduct surveys and on-site investigations together with business partners to ensure a stable supply of products and confirm partners' human rights and work environment initiatives.

Co-Creation with Employees

Our intra-Group project teams, including the Diversity Project Team, Marui Future Project Team, Healthcare Promotion Project, Medium-Term Management Visionary Committee, and other such forums, provide opportunities for employees to discuss and share thoughts with individuals from other companies.

Co-Creation with Communities and Society

MARUI GROUP is engaged in various co-creation activities with communities and society. The Company participated in the TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE 2017 LGBT pride event and held a regional development event that blended the popular anime series Osomatsu-san with a local shopping district. In addition, we are working to increase the number of EPOS card collaboration partners.


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