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Healthcare Management Underpinning Personal Growth

MARUI GROUP focuses on preventive healthcare management aimed at avoiding illness and also proactive healthcare management for energizing and motivating employees. We thus encourage employees to change their attitudes and behaviors to further improve corporate value and contribute to society through higher productivity.

Positioning of Healthcare Management

Broadening the range of our awareness and activities from a health perspective, we aim to equate the health of all people, not just employees but also customers and other stakeholders, with the health of the Company.

The healthcare measures of most companies are generally focused on a preventive healthcare approach that is designed to prevent employees from developing lifestyle diseases or mental health issues. However, in order for people to keep growing, it is also important to implement proactive healthcare measures that are designed to encourage employees to adapt to changes, think and act autonomously, and maintain a high level of energy. MARUI GROUP is accelerating its various healthcare management measures by coordinating preventive measures with proactive measures.

Role of the Health Management Division

  • Planning of Groupwide healthcare measures
  • Promotion of healthcare management

Proactive and Preventive Measures

The health of each individual employee represents a building block for the corporate value of the Company. Seeking to create a corporate culture in which everyone at MARUI GROUP shares this sentiment, we launched the Project, a project team consisting of representatives from the Health Management Division, Personnel Division, and the Group's health insurance union as well as an advisory board. This project team is stepping up healthcare promotion initiatives, particularly proactive measures, that are advanced as a united MARUI GROUP. In addition, in November 2015 we joined the KENKO Corporation Association, a cross-industry organization consisting of 59 companies created with the goal of sharing information on healthcare promotion programs and expertise to enhance the effectiveness of healthcare promotion efforts. MARUI GROUP has since been advancing initiatives together with other participating companies.

Goal of MARUI GROUP's healthcare management

Energize all employees, not just ill or high-risk employees

Proactive MeasuresIntroduction of the Resilience Program

Based on the understanding that employee health influences labor productivity, MARUI GROUP introduced the Resilience Program in February 2016. This program encourages employees to develop lifestyle patterns that increase their energy with regard to their body (with a focus on diet, exercise, and sleep habits), mood, mental state, and thinking. The program is currently being directed at upper level managers, who have a large impact on the corporate culture.

Proactive MeasuresActivities of the Healthcare Management Project Team

The Healthcare Management Project Team was launched in November 2016. This Groupwide project team is tasked with the mission of promoting health-based awareness and behavioral reforms to advance proactive health promotion measures aimed at energizing all employees and helping them deliver their best possible performance. Project team members recruited from among all employees through open application seek out methods of promoting healthcare management that are truly suited to MARUI GROUP through conventional learning and group work activities.

Healthcare Promotion Project meeting held in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017

Employee Comment

Ayumi Hiromatsu
General Manager,
Diversity Promotion Section,
Personnel Division
General Manager,
Health Management Section,
Health Management Division
(as of Oct. 2016)
Development of an Environment in Which Employees Work Hard and Exercise Their Talents
One of the goals of promoting diversity is to remove barriers preventing employees from working to the extent they desire and thereby create an environment in which all employees can deliver their best performance. Each of our roughly 6,000 employees is unique. When these employees understand each other and unite under a common goal, their combined wisdom will no doubt give rise to innovation. We are currently reviewing our personnel evaluation systems, striving to establish systems that will better facilitate everyone's growth. We also realize that employees' desire to excel must be supported by good physical and mental health, a concept that is linked to the idea that we should "equate the development of our people with the development of our company" described in the corporate philosophy. It is only when our employees can grow and feel joy that they will be able to bring joy to customers. In this manner, the goals of diversity and healthcare management are, in fact, one and the same.

Preventive MeasuresSelf-Care Training Sessions Held 260 Times a Year

Self-care training sessions are an initiative unique to MARUI GROUP that targets all employees at Group workplaces located throughout Japan. The aim of these training sessions is to encourage employees to remain aware of the state of their health and to seek means of improving it. This initiative was launched in 2014, and approximately 770 training sessions had been held prior to the end of March 2017, with around 80% of all employees participating at some point.

  • Self-care training sessions
  • Consultation venue established through coordination with external institution to provide support for addressing the physical and mental health concerns of employees

Preventive MeasuresIntroduction of Health Improvement Program

In 2011, the MARUI health insurance union commenced the Health Improvement Program, which has contributed to obesity rates that are significantly lower than the average rate of other health insurance unions across Japan. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, 99% of employees underwent health examinations, and the obesity rate of these employees was 18.5%.

Obesity and Obesity Risk Rates Among Group Employees and Family Members Over 40

Preventive MeasuresAppointment of Female Wellness Leaders

Out of consideration for the large ratio of female employees at MARUI GROUP, we appointed female wellness leaders at all workplaces to create an environment that makes it easier for female employees to receive consultation with regard to their health concerns. These wellness leaders serve as a point of contact for consultation for alleviating concerns relating to health issues unique to women and gaining support in health improvement.

Preventive MeasuresInitiatives of Group Health Insurance Union

Using the Marui Health Insurance Union Building opened by its predecessor, the Group's health insurance union provides services including comprehensive medical examination, nicotine dependence treatment, and healthcare guidance for preventing obesity. In addition, the health insurance union coordinates with Group companies to provide strong encouragement for employees to undergo examinations while also planning and implementing other measures for improving the health of employees and their families.

Marui Health Insurance Union Building of the Group's health insurance union (Nakano, Tokyo)

MARUI GROUP Occupational Health and Safety Policy

MARUI GROUP seeks to co-create customer happiness through its business activities, which merge retailing and finance. We understand that providing employees with a safe and hygienic workplace environment is essential to supporting the growth of all employees and is instrumental to invigorating the entire organization and driving the improvement of corporate value. MARUI GROUP therefore declares its intent to act in accordance with this understanding in all business activities, pursue higher levels of safety and hygiene, and to promote voluntary occupational health and safety initiatives on a Groupwide basis.

  • 1. Development of a Workplace Environment that Prioritizes Health and Safety

    Realizing that the health and safety of employees is crucial to their growth, all workplaces will foster awareness and heighten understanding regarding occupational health and safety, prioritizing the development of an environment in which employees can feel safe and secure and maintain good mental and physical health as they work.

  • 2. Promotion of Voluntary Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives

    Occupational health and safety targets are set at all Group companies and workplaces based on MARUI GROUP's occupational health and safety plans in order to promote voluntary occupational health and safety initiatives. These targets are periodically revised to pursue higher levels of health and safety on a Groupwide basis.

  • 3. Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Laws

    We comply with Japan's Industrial Safety and Health Act and other labor-related legislation as well as with the internal rules regarding occupational health and safety in place at all Group companies and workplaces.

  • 4. Realization of Safe and Low-Risk Workplace Environments

    MARUI GROUP seeks to realize safe and low-risk workplace environments by determining the sources and extent of the occupational accident risks faced in each business and formulating and implementing measures to reduce or eliminate these risks.

  • 5. Facilitation of Employee Health Improvement

    MARUI GROUP understands that the health of employees is crucial to their growth. We therefore practice healthcare management aimed at preventing mental health issues and lifestyle diseases as well as enabling all employees to feel more energized in their work.

  • 6. Cultivation of a Corporate Culture Emphasizing Occupational Health and Safety

    We will cultivate a corporate culture emphasizing occupational health and safety by conducting proactive employee education and awareness-raising programs related to these topics. All Group officers and employees are expected to observe the MARUI GROUP Occupational Health and Safety Policy, and we ask that business partners and other external stakeholders endorse this policy while also making this policy publicly available.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Healthcare Management Promotion System

MARUI GROUP practices healthcare management to prevent mental health issues and lifestyle diseases in employees, limit exposure to secondhand smoke, reduce overtime, and raise employee health awareness. Healthcare management initiatives are spearheaded by MARUI GROUP's Personnel Division and Health Management Division and are coordinated with the Company's health insurance union.

Consultation Venues

Company physicians and occupational health staff are positioned in MARUI GROUP's Health Management Division on a full-time basis to provide employees with a venue for consulting on mental health and other health issues and for receiving support in improving lifestyle diseases. In addition, we have established a hotline for receiving third-party physical and mental health consultation through collaboration with a specialized external organization.

Hiroshi Aoi
President and Representative Director
Representative Executive Officer
November 9, 2017

External Recognition

Inclusion in 2018 Health & Productivity Stock Selection

The Health & Productivity Stock Selection is a joint program launched by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., in 2015 as a measure aimed at helping to extend the period during which people are able to live in good health, which is part of Japan's strategy for revitalizing itself. In principle, one Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed company from each industry is selected for strategically addressing employee and other health and productivity management issues based on a management perspective. In 2018, MARUI GROUP was rated the highest among retail sector companies for its management philosophy and policies, its implementation of systems and measures, and its evaluation and improvement frameworks.

Inclusion in Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management?White 500

The Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management?White 500 is a joint program launched in 2017 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and Nippon Kenko Kaigi, an organization comprising the leaders of businesses, medical institutions, and municipal government agencies. The goal of this program is to acknowledge and disclose a list of large-scale companies, potentially including unlisted companies, that coordinate with health insurance unions and exhibit excellence in health and productivity management. The specific target is to acknowledge and disclose 500 companies by 2020. By casting light on companies that exhibit excellence in health and productivity management, the program aims to cultivate an environment in which such companies are recognized by society, specifically employees, job seekers, corporate peers, and financial institutions, as companies engaged in strategic initiatives from the perspective of managing employee health. MARUI GROUP has maintained a five-star rating in the health and productivity management surveys conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for three consecutive years. Maintaining this rating, the highest available, is thought to have contributed to the Company's selection for the White 500 list.

Highest Rank in DBJ Employees' Health Management Rated Loan Program

The Development Bank of Japan Inc.'s proprietary DBJ Employees' Health Management Rated Loan Program evaluates companies based on their healthcare management initiatives and the consideration given to employee health, selecting superior companies and setting financing conditions based on their rating. MARUI GROUP was awarded the program's highest rank of "A."

Evaluation Points

  • 1.Company has established a healthcare management promotion organization and entrenched healthcare management throughout its group by setting quantitative targets for each section and business site, monitoring and analyzing employee health conditions and lifestyle diseases, or other means.
  • 2.Company has formulated uniform standards for lifestyle diseases and set medium-term targets for reducing risks and is collaborating with health insurance unions to support all employees in improving lifestyle diseases.
  • 3.Company is establishing systems such as infertility treatment leave and child nursing care leave and numeric targets related to indicators such as the ratio of applicable male employees taking childcare leave to support employees in balancing childrearing and work, and is otherwise building a comfortable workplace environment.

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