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The Group has continued to pursue management innovation since MARUI founder Chuji Aoi opened his first store in the Nakano area of Tokyo in 1931. Today, we have grown into a corporate group that proposes fulfilling lifestyles to customers of all ages through a unique business model consisting of its Retailing and FinTech businesses. The founder's pioneer spirit of creating opportunities has been the driving force behind our growth. The management stance that constantly propels us toward innovation is still alive in all MARUI GROUP companies today, compelling us to advance to new stages of growth.


  • Chuji Aoi, MARUI's founder

    1931FebruaryChuji Aoi opened first store in Momozono-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, after separating from Maruni Shokai Co., Ltd.

  • 1935AprilChanged store name to MARUI

  • 1936OctoberOpened new store at site of former flagship Nakano Marui store

  • 1937MarchEstablished MARUI CO., LTD., with capital of ¥50,000

  • 1941JulyTemporarily closed all five stores due to war-time business restrictions

  • 1946AugustRecommenced operations with opening of a temporary store in Nakano, Tokyo that sold furniture for cash

  • 1947FebruaryRebuilt flagship Nakano Marui where former store stood before war

  • 1948SeptemberOpened Shinjuku-Ekimae Marui

  • 1952JanuaryOpened Ikebukuro-Ekimae Marui

  • 1954NovemberEstablished Marui Labor Union

    • 1955FebruaryRevised installment payment system from 5 months to 10 months

    • AprilTadao Aoi (current Honorary Chairman) joined the Company

    • DecemberBegan sponsoring television commercials

  • 1958OctoberOpened Shibuya Marui

  • 1959AugustEstablished Marui Koukoku Jigyosha Co., Ltd. (currently AIM CREATE CO., LTD.)

Chuji Aoi, MARUI's founder
    • 1960JanuaryChanged name of monthly payment system to "credit"

    • First credit card in Japan

      MarchIssued first credit card in Japan

    • OctoberEstablished Marui Unyu Co., Ltd. (currently Moving Co., Ltd.)

  • Shinjuku Marui(currently Shinjuku Marui East Exit Building), industry's then largest store
    • 1962SeptemberOpened Shinjuku Marui (currently Shinjuku Marui East Exit Building), industry's then largest store

    • NovemberEstablished Marui's health insurance union

    • 1963FebruaryFormulated Company credo of "Drive action yourself"

    • AprilListed stocks on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • Television commercial sponsorship
    • 1964JanuaryBegan sponsoring Sports News on television

    • AprilOpened Kashiwa Marui
      Introduced Credit Mate, industry's first credit system to allow bills to be paid at stores, at Kashiwa Marui

  • 1965JuneUpgraded stocks to First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange

    • 1966JanuaryLaunched full-fledged "scrap & build" initiative

    • MayCompleted construction of Hanakoganei Multi-Purpose Sports Field

    • Industry's first computer

      AugustIntroduced industry's first computer

    • 1967JanuaryOpened Hanakoganei Training Center

    • NovemberStarted Sekai no Ikkyuhin (World-Class Products) campaign

  • 1968MarchIntroduced Credit Mate system in all stores

First credit card in Japan
Shinjuku Marui (currently Shinjuku Marui East Exit Building), industry's then largest store
Television commercial sponsorship
Industry's first computer