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Group Philosophy

MARUI GROUP Code of Conduct

The principle of contributing to the good of customers, business partners, shareholders, employees, and society as a whole forms the heart of MARUI Group's corporate activities. We will faithfully conduct sound and highly transparent management, practice strong corporate ethics and legal compliance, and adhere to these principles in all of our corporate activities.


Acting in accordance with the corporate philosophy of "continue evolving to better aid our customers," we will strive to live up to customer expectations by providing a safe and secure environment for them and working together to offer high-quality products and services.


Business Partners
In our interactions with business partners, we will encourage respect for laws and other rules and foster fair, transparent, and appropriate transactional relationships so that we work and grow together as partners in the truest sense of the word.


MARUI GROUP is committed to improving corporate value through stable, long-term growth. We will communicate with shareholders and the greater society and disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure that our corporate activities are highly transparent.


Our corporate philosophy calls on us to "equate the development of our people with the development of our company." We strive to stimulate the development of employees as individuals and as team members and cultivate a lively corporate culture that emphasizes respect for diverse beliefs and a safe, healthy, and comfortable working environment.


We will comply with social ethics, laws, and internal regulations while conducting appropriate business activities that adhere to the principles these rules embody. Furthermore, we will cultivate a compliance-based mind-set by creating the appropriate in-house atmosphere.


and Social Contribution
During the course of our business, we will conduct voluntary environmental preservation initiatives and advance activities for contributing to communities and to the greater society.


Elimination of
Antisocial Forces
We will staunchly refuse to have any connection with antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of society.

All directors, Audit & Supervisory Board members, executive officers, and employees must recognize that they are important proponents in exercising this Code of Conduct, faithfully working to fulfill their mission while spreading awareness throughout the Group.

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