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MARUI GROUP's Co-Creation Philosophy

Established in 2007
Revised in November 2017

MARUI GROUP Code of Conduct

MARUI GROUP engages in co-creation management with its stakeholders with the aim of contributing to the development of a flourishing and inclusive society that offers happiness to all. The various stakeholders of MARUI GROUP include customers, shareholders, other investors, communities, the greater society, business partners, and employees.

The happiness to which we seek to contribute can only be realized through co-creation with all of these stakeholders. It is based on this belief that we promote compliance with laws and regulations as well as international rules and the principles embodied in these norms and that we have established and adhere to the MARUI GROUP Code of Conduct.


Customers are the point of departure for all of our business activities. Acting in accordance with the corporate philosophy of "continue evolving to better aid our customers," we will strive to create products, services, and stores that bring joy to all customers and can be used safely and with peace of mind.


We will pursue ongoing growth and medium-to-long-term improvements in corporate value in order to live up to the expectations of shareholders and other investors. In addition, we will disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner, conduct highly transparent business activities, and prevent insider trading.


Communities and
MARUI GROUP's business activities connect us to various areas of communities and the greater society. As responsible members of communities and of society as a whole, we will seek to resolve social and community issues and invigorate communities and the greater society to transform our main business into a socially contributing undertaking.


Business Partners
MARUI GROUP's business activities are supported by co-creation activities with business partners in Japan and overseas. By fostering trusting relationships with partners through fair and impartial transactions, we will promote mutual prosperity.


The growth of employees that are committed to helping others is the source of all the value we create. In addition to providing employees with a safe and hygienic workplace environment, we will foster a corporate culture that is respectful of diverse values and in which all employees can feel energized and continue growing.


MARUI GROUP sees all of its business assets as being borrowed from society. Accordingly, we seek to understand the impact of our business on the environment in order to reduce the environmental footprint of the entire Group and to promote eco-friendly business activities.


Respect for
Human Rights
MARUI GROUP endorses international standards regarding human rights and respects the personalities and individuality of all people. We stand in opposition of all discrimination, whether on the basis of race, nationality, religion, ideology, biological sex, age, physical characteristic, gender identity, or sexual orientation.


Fair and Transparent Transactions
MARUI GROUP adheres to domestic and overseas ethical standards and legal regulations as well as to its own internal rules as it promotes fair and transparent transactions and competition while preventing corrupt and otherwise inappropriate activities (bribery, money laundering, inappropriate lobbying activities and political contributions, etc.).


Elimination of
Antisocial Forces
We will staunchly refuse to have any connection with antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of society.


Protection and
Management of
Information Assets
MARUI GROUP's business activities entail the utilization of personal information, confidential information, and intellectual properties. These information assets are protected and managed based on internal regulations, and we seek to avoid infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.

Scope of Application and Implementation

  • -The MARUI GROUP Code of Conduct is applicable to all Group officers and employees. An internal notification system is in place to quickly uncover and address activities that violate this code of conduct or activities that are illegal, unfair, or otherwise inappropriate.
  • -Moreover, this code of conduct is reviewed as necessary by the Board of Directors and revised when deemed prudent through sufficient discussion. Should a serious violation of the MARUI GROUP Code of Conduct occur, we will take steps to identify the cause of the violation and prevent recurrence.

Established in April 2006
Revised in May 2014
Revised in November 2017

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