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Progress toward Long-Term Targets

MARUI GROUP is advancing three businesses founded on co-creation—inter-generational businesses, co-creative businesses, and financial inclusion businesses—to accomplish its 2050 Vision. Specific key performance indicators have been established to gauge the progress of initiatives in these areas. Information on progress regarding these key performance indicators is provided in the following section.

Inter-Generational Businesses

Green Businesses

Target of Sourcing 100% of Electricity from Renewable Energy

The majority of the CO2 emitted from MARUI GROUP comes from electricity use. We are addressing these emissions by introducing renewable energy at stores as we work toward our goal of sourcing 100% of the electricity we use from renewable energy by the fiscal year ending March 31, 2031. The rate of renewable energy usage in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, was 60.9%. Furthermore, we completed registration of Group company MARUI FACILITIES Co., Ltd., as a power retailer in September 2019, making it possible to procure power directly from power producers.

Project for Promoting Shift to Renewable Energy to Preserve the Global Environment for Future Generations

In September 2020, MARUI GROUP launched a project for promoting the shift to renewable energy with Minna-denryoku, Inc., as an initiative for cutting CO2 emissions together with customers. Through this project, we look to use renewable energy as a tool for addressing environmental issues with our customers.

From left: MARUI GROUP President Hiroshi Aoi, Minister of the Environment Shinjiro Koizumi, Minna-denryoku Representative Director CEO Eiji Oishi

Launch of Minna-denryoku EPOS Card

In October 2020, MARUI GROUP launched the Minna-denryoku EPOS Card. Application fees for this card are donated to support the maintenance and development of renewable energy generation facilities. Furthermore, these cards have been made from eco-friendly materials, such as waste plastic, since April 2021, a first for Japanese credit cards.

Easy Application for Household Renewable Energy Services from Minna-denryoku

Customers have expressed that changing to renewable energy is difficult and a bit of a hassle. To address this issue, MARUI GROUP has made it possible to apply for renewable energy services with ease from a special page on its EPOS Net portal for EPOS cardholders. This service was launched based on a suggestion from Minister of the Environment Shinjiro Koizumi, and discussions were held with the Minister during the course of advancing the project.

Improvement of Resource Recycling Rates to Reduce Environmental Impacts

MARUI GROUP's resource recycling rate was 70.1% in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022. We are placing particular emphasis on recycling food waste in our efforts to improve the resource recycling rate. Moreover, Marui Family Mizonokuchi partnered with building management company MIZONOKUCHISHINTOSHI. Co., Ltd., to renovate its waste management facilities in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020. This renovation entailed changing the layout of waste collection areas and implementing measures for tracking waste emission levels on an individual tenant basis. This renovation has proven immensely beneficial, with a food waste recycling rate of 100% being achieved a mere three months after the renovation's completion and the overall resource recycling rate rising by more than 30 percentage points, to 76%. Meanwhile, "eco-factories" were developed at Kichijoji Marui, Marui Family Shiki, and Kitasenju Marui during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021. Going forward, we will take steps to increase resource recycling rates at all stores in pursuit of further reductions to environmental impacts.

New ecobo Waste Receptacles for Encouraging Recycling

In February 2020, MARUI GROUP introduced new ecobo waste receptacles meant to facilitate the sorting of waste at its head office as one of its efforts for encouraging recycling. These receptacles provide clear visual indications of how waste should be sorted, something that was not clear with prior receptacles, thereby making it easier to practice proper waste sorting. In addition, they were designed with the perfect size and height for ease of use. This easy-to-understand and fun initiative is contributing to higher recycling rates.

Going forward, MARUI GROUP will continue efforts to raise awareness among all employees in pursuit of its long-term target of a 100% resource recycling rate.

Q-SUI Subscription-Based Water Bottle Filling Service (September 2020–March 2022)

Q-SUI is a monthly subscription-based service that lets users fill up their own water bottles with hot, cold, or even flavored water at locations such as cafes. This service was launched to address issues surrounding water bottle use, such as how they are heavy and take up space and how their contents are quickly depleted when away from home. Q-SUI tracks the number of plastic bottles each user has prevented from going to waste by using their own water bottle, and thereby making personal water bottle use more fulfilling. This service was discontinued in March 2022.

Creation of a Future for Future Generations Together

MARUI GROUP's medium-term management plan defines impact targets regarding sustainability and well-being. Meant to update the initiatives described in the 2050 Vision, the formulation of impact targets entailed the definition of three co-creation approaches—creating a future for future generations together, creating happiness for individuals, and creating platforms for co-creation.

Human Businesses

Ongoing Billion-Yen Investments in Human Resources

Human resource investments in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, amounted to ¥1.0 billion. We will continue investing in human resource development, recruitment, and the fostering of staff for driving new businesses as needed to cultivate a capacity for empathy and a propensity for innovation.

Voluntary Participation Programs Drawing More Than 11,000 Participants

MARUI GROUP holds various programs open to voluntary participation by employees with the goal of fostering a propensity for innovation founded on a capacity for empathy. It is our hope that these programs see participation by more than 10,000 each year. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, the number of employees participating in these programs exceeded 11,000, with many employees participating in the Medium-Term Management Visionary Committee, official Groupwide project teams, and opportunities for external training.

The Medium-Term Management Visionary Committee is a forum for discussing various topics that will be important to the future of Group management. At the monthly meetings of this committee, active discussion is conducted among the roughly 300 members that are selected from the 1,000–1,500 applications received from employees for each iteration.

Program for Future-Oriented Cultivation of Value Creators

MARUI GROUP unveiled its Co-Creation Management Academy future leader development program in April 2017 with the aim of identifying and cultivating human resources capable of promoting management innovation. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, 12 individuals participated in the program, making for an aggregate total of 78 participants to date. Participants are submitted to a one-year training curriculum developed under the guidance of external directors that includes courses for gaining essential management knowledge and discussions with members of management as well as external managers and experts.

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