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Risk Management

Based on sustainability-related trends in the areas of business activities, human rights, and occupational health and safety, we revised the MARUI GROUP Code of Conduct and established the MARUI GROUP Human Rights Policy and the MARUI GROUP Occupational Health and Safety Policy in November 2017. In addition, the Company established the MARUI GROUP Information Security Policy, the MARUI GROUP Privacy Policy, the MARUI GROUP Social Media Policy, and the MARUI GROUP Tax Policy in June 2018. The effectiveness of these policies will be evaluated once a year and awareness will be entrenched among all Group employees through training and other activities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the establishment and implementation of frameworks for ensuring that internal control systems related to compliance, the appropriateness of financial reports, and risk management are functioning effectively.

MARUI GROUP has established six committees to manage high-risk areas: the Environment and CSR Committee, the Public Relations IR Committee, the Internal Control Committee, the Information Security Committee, the Safety Control Committee, and the Insider Trading Prevention Committee. In addition, the Sustainability Board (which oversees the Environment and CSR Committee) and the Compliance Promotion Board (which oversees the Public Relations IR Committee, the Internal Control Committee, the Information Security Committee, the Safety Control Committee, and the Insider Trading Prevention Committee) have been put in place to manage risks on a Groupwide basis. Both of these boards are chaired by the president.

MARUI GROUP Code of Conduct

All Group officers and employees are expected to comply with laws and regulations as well as with international rules and the principles embodied in these norms and to act with the recognition that adherence to the MARUI GROUP Code of Conduct is an important duty of all members of MARUI GROUP. The MARUI GROUP Code of Conduct was established after sufficient discussion by the Board of Directors and will be reviewed as appropriate.

MARUI GROUP Human Rights Policy

MARUI GROUP aims to contribute to the development of a flourishing and inclusive society that offers happiness to all. We therefore declare that all Group officers and employees are expected to endorse international standards regarding human rights and ensure respect for the personalities and individuality of all people throughout the Company. In addition, we ask that business partners and other external stakeholders endorse the MARUI GROUP Human Rights Policy, and we also disclose information on related initiatives.

MARUI GROUP Occupational Health and Safety Policy

MARUI GROUP understands that providing employees with a safe and hygienic workplace environment is essential to supporting the growth of all employees and is instrumental to invigorating the entire organization and driving the improvement of corporate value. The MARUI GROUP Occupational Health and Safety Policy was established based on this understanding. In accordance with this policy, we pursue higher levels of safety and hygiene and promote voluntary occupational health and safety initiatives on a Groupwide basis in all business activities.

Disclosure Policy

MARUI GROUP complies with all relevant laws and regulations and conducts timely and appropriate information disclosure to ensure that its management is both impartial and highly transparent. The Corporate Planning Division, the IR Department, the General Affairs Department, and the Financial Department are responsible for information disclosure. The Company actively discloses both financial and non-financial information if this information is deemed valuable to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders, seeking to deepen their understanding of the Company. Moreover, we seek to disclose information through venues that are easy to access.


Complying with tax laws and paying appropriate taxes contributes to communities and to the greater society and is therefore congruent with MARUI GROUP’s concept of co-creation sustainability management. Based on this recognition, MARUI GROUP has established the MARUI GROUP Tax Policy and seeks to exercise its responsibility to make tax payments based on the circumstances of its business and to ensure transparency in its tax payments in order to minimize tax risks.

MARUI GROUP Information Security Policy

MARUI GROUP has formulated the MARUI GROUP Information Security Policy to guide the establishment and implementation of information security management systems to protect the information assets of customers and of MARUI GROUP from all threats, whether internal or external, accidental or intentional, and thereby help ensure the continuity of MARUI GROUP’s business activities. Officers and employees are expected to act and handle information assets in compliance with this policy in order to contribute to improved information security.

ISO 27001 Certification

The Data Center Division of M & C SYSTEMS CO., LTD., received information security management system certification in 2006. In March 2007, after the development of international standards as well as standards set by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) related to information security management systems, ISO 27001 certification was acquired.

Protection of Personal Information

In protecting personal information, the Group has established regulations for handling such information and seeks to improve the accuracy of information management through the initiatives of the Information Security Committee, which is membered by directors and executive officers. We also periodically hold Groupwide educational and training programs aimed at employees to further promote information protection. With regard to personal information stored as electronic data, we practice rigorous management of core servers and undergo security inspections by third-party organizations to ensure that we are safe from attacks from outside of the Company. MARUI GROUP also takes every possible measure to prevent unauthorized access from within the Company.

PrivacyMark Certification

Group companies M & C SYSTEMS CO., LTD.; Epos Card Co., Ltd.; AIM CREATE CO., LTD.; MOVING CO., LTD.; MRI Co., Ltd.; and MARUI HOME SERVICE Co., Ltd., handle personal information in the course of their businesses. The personal information management systems of these companies are compliant with JISC standards and have been certified by JIPDEC, granting these companies permission to use the PrivacyMark.

MARUI GROUP Social Media Policy

MARUI GROUP utilizes social media as a communication tool for facilitating co-creation activities with all of its stakeholders. The Company has established the MARUI GROUP Social Media Policy, which oversees the operation of official social media accounts and private social media use by Group officers and employees, and is working to facilitate sincere and appropriate communication based on respect for the diverse views of stakeholders.

Basic IT Service Management Policy

M & C SYSTEMS manages and operates MARUI GROUP's IT systems. This company has established the Basic IT Service Management Policy to facilitate swifter and more accurate responses to rapidly changing customer needs and constructs and implements ongoing improvements to its management systems based on this policy.

ISO 20000 Certification

In April 2008, ISO 20000 certification was acquired with regard to the product sales and distribution systems of MARUI CO., LTD., and the core operating systems of Epos Card Co., Ltd. The ability to acquire this certification was a reflection of MARUI GROUP’s swift response to system malfunctions, its provisions for preventing recurrence of incidents, and other factors that contribute to the high quality of its services.

MARUI GROUP Environmental Policy

MARUI GROUP views all the resources it uses in its business as being borrowed from society. Based on this belief, we examined the impacts of our business on natural capital and then revised the MARUI GROUP Environmental Policy, which was originally established in 2008. The revision was conducted in 2016 to enable the policy to better guide us in preventing climate change and pollution and otherwise advancing eco-friendly business activities on a Groupwide basis.

MARUI GROUP Procurement Policy

MARUI GROUP engages in responsible procurement together with business partners across the entire supply chain with respect to the development of private brands. Based on the following procurement policy, the Company explains its policies to business partners, after which it performs surveys and has dedicated staff from the Sustainability Department conduct on-site audits. The results of these activities are shared with the business partners in question so that we may advance initiatives together.

Provision of Safe and Trustworthy Products

MARUI GROUP aims to live up to the trust of its customers and continue to provide them with safe and trustworthy products. For this reason, we have established the MARUI GROUP Quality Standards, a unique set of standards that we expect all suppliers to adhere to.


The MARUI GROUP Hot Line (internal reporting system) has been established as a means for preventing the occurrence of legal violations or misconduct by organizations or individuals and for correcting any issues that may be discovered. This reporting system is made available to both employees and business partners. The MARUI GROUP Hot Line is operated in accordance with internal regulations and provides a venue for reporting to the Audit Department of MARUI GROUP or to an outside lawyer. Regulations are in place to prevent whistle-blowers from suffering any detrimental treatment as a result of filing reports.

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