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Innovative Services for Reducing Environmental Impacts

MARUI GROUP shall utilize its unique platform, which combines its strengths in IT and logistics, in its Retailing and FinTech businesses to develop innovative services that deliver new forms of convenience, addressing social change and customer needs while also reducing environmental impacts.

Social Contributions through Try-on Stores

Try-on stores, an initiative launched in September 2015, represent a new business model unique to MARUI GROUP that takes advantage of the framework of Internet sales. These stores are opened as short-term events in commercial facilities located in Hiroshima, Gifu, Nagoya, and other parts of Japan that lay outside of the areas served by Marui stores. Try-on stores focus on just that, allowing customers to freely try on product samples. When making purchases, customers can use one of the stores' dedicated tablets to order a product and have it sent to their home free of charge. Try-on stores are temporarily operated over a limited period, require less investment in store fixtures than would be necessary for opening a standard store, and have lower fixed rent fees. In addition, as only samples are displayed, there is no need for inventories. Accordingly, these stores boast low costs and low risk.

We are currently in the process of evolving this scheme to create new, permanent try-on stores that maintain the same sense of freedom. These stores are being systematically introduced into Marui stores.

Reduction Benefits of Short-Term Event Try-on Store

Introduction of AutoStore in Distribution Centers Supporting E-Commerce Operations

In October 2017, the AutoStore robotic warehouse system was switched on at the Misato Web Sales Distribution Center of MOVING CO., LTD., the distribution company tasked with supporting MARUI GROUP's e-commerce operations. This system allows for around 27,000 specialized storage containers to be arranged in stacks of 12, eliminating wasted space and tripling warehouse storage efficiency. Moreover, while the task of retrieving products was previously carried out by people, who had to walk to collect products, AutoStore performs this task with robots that carry products to the "port," where humans perform their work. As a result, employees are almost never required to transport products into or out of the storage area, greatly reducing the amount of work needed to be performed by people.

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