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Managing Executive Officer
In charge of FinTech Business

October 2021

The next five years will be used for the rebranding necessary for achieving our desired impact.
Yoshinori Saito Managing Executive Officer
In charge of FinTech Business
President and Representative Director, Epos Card Co., Ltd.

When we first launched the EPOS card back in 2006, our goal was to provide people with their first credit card and to ensure that this card had a permanent position in their wallet. For customers, this first card was to be a lifelong partner. However, at some point, we found ourselves branding these cards based on the savings they offered. This was the outcome of our efforts to catch up with and eventually surpass rivals who had been in the market longer than us. For this reason, the five-year period of the new medium term management plan will be an important period for rebranding EPOS cards to move away from this overemphasis on savings.

One aspect of these rebranding activities is to develop cards that support individual preferences, such as our anime and other content-related cards. In the future, we look to offer content-related cards that go beyond anime to provide options for fans of sports, culture, and music. Eventually, the range of options will grow to include all of the new businesses we are developing through forward-looking investments and thereby support the countless preferences individuals may hold. At Epos Card, we established the Co-Creation Promotion Department, and this department has allowed us to assemble co-creative teams for facilitating even more extensive collaboration in forward-looking investments. These efforts will no doubt contribute to higher numbers of EPOS cardholders and to the creation of new brand value for EPOS cards.

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