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MARUI GROUP's View on Corporate Value

MARUI GROUP strives to practice "co-creation management," which entails working together with all of its stakeholders to co-create customer happiness. The Company is supported by a wide range of stakeholders, including customers, investors, business partners, communities and society, employees, and future generations. Although the interests of these various stakeholders are often seen to be in opposition, the reality is that there is a significant intersection at which the interests and values of different stakeholders overlap. MARUI GROUP sees true corporate value as being able to expand this intersection between the happiness of all stakeholders.

Goal of Holding a Platform for Happiness

MARUI GROUP aims to become a company that holds a platform for promoting harmony and the expansion of the intersection between the interests (happiness) of six groups of stakeholders as well as for supporting the growth of the people who use this platform. It is our goal to become such a platform holder to contribute to the happiness of all stakeholders.

1. MISSIONMARUI GROUP's corporate mission is clearly described within its co-creation philosophy. Even the most refined business model and corporate culture will be lost without a clear vision to serve as the compass for its daily business activities.

2. BUSINESSIt is MARUI GROUP's business that gives form to its mission. Leveraging its core value—the co-creation of creditability—together with the strengths it has cultivated since its founding, MARUI GROUP will innovate and evolve its platform for supporting the happiness of all stakeholders.

3. CULTUREA company's employees are responsible for fulfilling its clear mission and operating its business model. MARUI GROUP has fostered a corporate culture of voluntary participation and provides a platform through which employees are able to grow and acquire knowledge. The understanding and interactions born out of this platform drive the growth of the Company.

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