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Business Model

As of March 31, 2018

Since its founding, MARUI GROUP has continued to innovate and evolve its unique business model, which merges retailing and finance, and the structure of its business in line with changes in the times and in the needs of customers. MARUI GROUP was created in 1931 by Chuji Aoi. At that time, MARUI's business involved selling furniture through monthly installment payments. Monthly installment payments entail providing both products and credit, or, in other words, represent a business model that merges retailing and finance. This business model has continued to be passed down through the Group operations, guiding its business and evolving amid changes in the times and MARUI's products and stores.

Business Model Integrating Stores, Credit Cards, and the Internet

Through the business reforms that began in 2006, we have been undertaking a massive transformation in MARUI GROUP's stores and credit cards while leveraging the platform provided by the Internet to create a business model integrating stores, credit cards, and the Internet. Rather than developing operations in each of these areas on an individual basis, MARUI GROUP aims to expand the intersection between these businesses to create joy for customers through a concerted effort. Currently, finance is becoming the main driver of our growth. However, we retain our stance of not segregating retailing and finance. Rather, we will share human resources, stores, and data throughout our integrated business as we seek to improve corporate value by evolving our unique business model merging retailing and finance.

  • Total Group Transactions ¥2,189.4 billion

    In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, total Group transactions rose 13% year on year, exceeding ¥2 trillion for the first time. Of this amount, approximately 70% was attributable to card shopping transactions in the FinTech segment.

  • Group Employees 5,548

    In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, MARUI GROUP employed a total of 5,548 individuals. The average number of consecutive years of service for employees is 20; 44% of the Group’s employees are women; and 43% of employees have experienced intra-Group profession changes.

StoresStores of the Future Not Focused on Selling

  • Hakata Marui

  • Shibuya Modi

MARUI GROUP is currently in the process of transitioning away from stores using the consignment buying system, which entails procuring and selling products, toward real estate-model shopping centers and fixed-term rental contracts. With the exception of certain stores that cannot be transitioned because of relationships with customers or other factors, this transition is scheduled for completion in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019. As a result, our earnings structure will shift from generating income from net consignment revenues to receiving rent revenues. This transition has laid the groundwork for our efforts to create the stores of the future. Capitalizing on the customer bases and customer service expertise cultivated through the operation of conventional stores, these new stores will not focus on selling products or services. Rather, they will offer value in the forms of experiences and a sense of community.

Physical stores

Total of 26 Marui and Modi stores in major cities and other locations across Japan

Epos Card Co., Ltd., employees stationed at stores to provide customer service (stationed at 22 facilities not operated by MARUI GROUP)

Specialty stores (located at 7 facilities not operated by MARUI GROUP)


Try-on stores in which customers can try on products in stores and purchase via the Internet

Credit CardsCredit Cards Encouraging Long-Term Use by Everyone

  • EPOS IC chip-equipped Visa card

  • EPOS Gold card for frequent-use cardholders of all ages and income brackets

Group company Epos Card Co., Ltd., has accumulated big data through its years of engaging in the co-creation of creditability with its 6.6 million cardholders, who are largely composed of people from younger generations. Committed to our mission of promoting financial inclusion, we will endeavor to utilize such assets to develop credit cards that encourage long-term use by everyone, regardless of age or income. Moreover, we aim to go beyond the limits of our previous cards, which primarily provided payment, lending, and other settlement-related services, to supply cards that offer asset building and a wide range of other services.

Characteristics and scale

Around 6.6 million cardholders largely comprising people from younger generations

Card shopping transactions totaling ¥1,600.9 billion, up 15% year on year, in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018

Transactions at external facilities and Internet shopping sites accounting for 93% of total card shopping transactions

Expanded scope

First cards to be issued for foreign exchange students in Japan

Cardholder growth achieved through anime business

Evolution from cards focused on settlement services to cards offering various financial services

InternetPlatform Tailored to Individual Customers Realized through Enhanced IT

  • MARUI Internet shopping "marui web channel" (Japanese only)

  • AutoStore robotic warehouse system

Through its operations merging stores and credit cards, MARUI GROUP has developed IT and information systems as well as a distribution platform. We have also been taking steps to enhance our IT and other foundations through means such as the establishment of the Digital Transformation Promotion Department in 2018. Through these enhancements, we will merge our stores and credit cards in a manner that accommodates the current age of the Internet and smartphones to create a platform tailored to individual customers that can be applied to our e-commerce, securities, and other new businesses.


Proprietary "marui web channel" Internet shopping site and partnership with external Internet shopping sites

Intra-Group coordination

IT systems supporting integration of retailing and finance

System staff with retailing and finance experience

Big data accumulated through co-creation of creditability

Enhancement of platform

EPOS card user interface built specifically for smartphones

Intra-Group distribution systems supporting Internet sales

MARUI GROUP's Business

As a holding company, MARUI GROUP operates a conglomerate comprised of the Company and 11 Group companies and affiliates. In the Retailing segment, the Company develops businesses including rental, operation, and management of commercial facilities; consignment agreement sales of apparel items and fashion accessories; store renovation; advertising; fashion distribution subcontracting; and maintenance and management of buildings and other facilities. In the FinTech segment, MARUI GROUP engages in credit card services, consumer finance loans, rent guarantee services, information system services, real estate rental, and other businesses.

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