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Greetings from the President

Mission of Helping Build a Flourishing and
Inclusive Society That Offers Happiness to All

Since its founding in 1931, MARUI GROUP has continued to evolve its unique business model merging retailing and finance to reflect the changes in the times and in customers, all the while being guided by the co-creation philosophy that "creditability should be built together with customers."

Based on its corporate philosophy of striving to "continue evolving to better aid our customers" and "equate the development of our people with the development of our company," MARUI GROUP practices co-creation sustainability management, which entails co-creating the happiness of all stakeholders.

MARUI GROUP's vision for co-creation sustainability management is aimed at contributing to the sustainability of society and the environment through its business. This management approach thus sees us looking to achieve harmony between, and expand the interests (happiness) of, the six rings of stakeholders: customers, investors, business partners, communities and society, employees, and future generations.

As we advance forward, MARUI GROUP is committed to helping build a flourishing and inclusive society that offers happiness to all while engaging in an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders.

August 2019

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