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Greetings from the President

MARUI GROUP's vision is to Realize
Co-Creation Management.

Our corporate philosophy calls for us to "continue evolving to better aid our customers" and "equate the development of our people with the development of our company." Based on this philosophy, our mission is to maintain ties with our customers to co-create new customer happiness. It is this drive that has fueled our transformation and evolution in recent years. Always striving to attend to the needs of our customers and bring them joy, we treasure our interactions with customers and accordingly base all our actions from their perspective. This sentiment is not only imprinted in the Group's corporate DNA; it is also the point of origin for the co-creation management we envision.

At the moment, the Group's business model is undergoing a drastic transformation. This is not to say that we will abandon our current originality and strengths. However, the focus of Japanese society is moving away from the accumulation of physical goods to emphasize the pursuit of more-fulfilling lifestyles, changing the form of happiness customers seek and thereby necessitating that our business changes as well. This transformation will require us to break away from past successes to cut a fresh start based on the perspectives of the customers of today. And that will be no easy task. Nonetheless, I am filled with excitement for the potential new forms of customer happiness we will co-create, and I think we have finally found the path we will tread in this quest.

August 2016

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