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Greetings from the President

Goal of Achieving Earnings Growth While Producing Desired Impact

Since its inception, MARUI GROUP has continued to advance a unique business model that merged finance and retailing, thereby developing distinctive strengths and a peerless position. In recent years, we have seen this business model evolve as we redefined finance as fintech and began promoting forward-looking investments, specifically co-creative investments and new business investments based on our core value of the co-creation of creditability. The result is a business model merging fintech, retailing, and forward-looking investments.

With this business model, we are pursuing our goal of achieving earnings growth while producing our desired impact. One part of accomplishing this goal is transforming MARUI GROUP into an intellectual creation company, an undertaking that will be vigorously advanced by human capital management. This means that investments in human capital will have the benefit of stimulating future earnings growth. As one form of such investments, we began cultivating human resources with a capacity to produce new businesses through digital transformation as part of the corporate reforms kicked off in 2022. By bolstering our staff of digital transformation professionals, we aim to foster a corporate culture that is conducive to innovation, which in turn is expected to drive the creation of distinctively MARUI GROUP services and businesses. I anticipate that these efforts will move us forward toward our goal of achieving earnings growth while producing our desired impact and at the same time contribute to improvements in MARUI GROUP’s corporate value.

June 2023

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