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Co-Creation with Stakeholders

Co-Creation of Customer Happiness
MARUI GROUP's co-creation management entails incorporating the customer's perspective into all business processes and thereby working to co-create customer happiness with our partners. This approach permeates our store development and product creation efforts in the Retailing business and our advancement of credit card services in the FinTech business, and will remain a central and ongoing part of our operations into the future.
  • MARUI GROUP and its Customers
    We strive to work with our customers in co-creating their happiness. By holding planning meetings on various themes and for numerous projects together with our customers, we are able to engage in ongoing discussion with them. These meetings thus enable us to develop a thorough understanding of customer needs and desires as we collaborate to seek out the ideal form for our stores, products, and services. The value of our co-creation efforts is found in the intersections of interests born out of these ongoing discussions.

  • MARUI GROUP and its Business partners
    Our business partners are important allies in co-creating customer happiness. For this reason, we sought to further evolve our co-creation business by inviting business partners to participate together with customers in planning meetings related to the establishment of Hakata Marui. This was the first time such partners had been invited to these meetings. The process of developing this store by collaborating with both customers and business partners was an opportunity that led to new discoveries.

  • MARUI GROUP and its Employees
    The foundations for our co-creation business are supported by our highly diverse employees. We benefit greatly from the strength these employees exhibit in responding quickly to changes in society and in the times, all while sharing our retailing mindset that emphasizes the customer’s perspective. MARUI GROUP's corporate philosophy calls for us to "equate the development of our people with the development of our company." With this philosophy at heart, our employees will continue to treasure their connections with customers.

  • MARUI GROUP and its Investors
    The point of origin for our co-creation management is our desire to contribute to the happiness of our customers, and we are confident that accomplishing this goal will fuel the long-term improvement of MARUI GROUP's corporate value. Contrary to common belief, the interests of customers and shareholders and other investors are not in opposition, but rather share a common intersection. By increasing this intersection, we aim to make greater contributions to the interests of all of our stakeholders.

  • MARUI GROUP and Communities and Society
    MARUI GROUP is connected to communities and the greater society through its customers. We recognize that the contributions our business activities make to the development of communities, regions, and society as a whole are also contributions to the happiness of our customers. One reason we develop stores that are considerate of the needs of small children and senior citizens as well as those of people with disabilities, non-Japanese people, and members of the LGBT community is that we believe such stores will help us resolve social issues through our business.

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