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Four Core Themes

MARUI GROUP has turned its attention to the concept of "inclusion" to facilitate its efforts for providing fulfilling lifestyles for all customers. Inclusion entails including and reaching out to all those who have previously been excluded.

MARUI GROUP has defined four core themes based on the perspective of inclusion that it believes will further it as a company providing fulfilling lifestyles for all customers.

Process for Establishing Core Themes

Focusing our concept of co-creation management and the impact this approach will have on society, the environment, and natural capital, we examined the issues and opportunities this approach will create, based on which we defined four core themes for initiatives from the perspective of inclusion. In formulating these themes, we held meetings with ESG-minded investors, sustainability experts, nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders in the greater society as well as with customers, business partners, and Group officers and employees. In addition, we referenced the ratings of ESG evaluation institutions; internal and external guidelines, such as those of the Global Reporting Initiative, ISO 26000, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, and the International Integrated Reporting Council; and the SDGs.

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