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Ecological Network of Biodiversity

MARUI GROUP is committed to helping protect the ecosystems that form the foundations for sustainable cities and societies. Our efforts to promote store development practices that use land in a manner considerate of biodiversity and to operate our stores in an eco-friendly manner are also beneficial to customers in the surrounding communities. MARUI GROUP's efforts are not limited to the preservation of biodiversity; going forward, the Company will advance measures for combating the urban heat island phenomenon while also promoting environmental education through events and conducting various other initiatives.

Nakano Marui's Four Seasons and Waterside Gardens

The Four Seasons and Waterside Gardens provide refreshing spaces for community members with a plaza featuring more than 860 m2 of lush greenery on the west side of Nakano Marui. In addition, these gardens contain a biotope*1 comprising forested and waterside areas that allows for coexistence between birds, insects, and other wildlife and is also the site of biodiversity initiatives.

These gardens were certified as "Urban Oases" by the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure in both 2013 and 2016. An "Urban Oasis" is a relaxing space filled with greenery that is located in an urban area plagued by the urban heat island phenomenon and that provides people with a sense of tranquility and an opportunity to learn of the importance of greenery and the precious environment it represents. Third-party evaluations are required to be certified as an "Urban Oasis." In addition, the Four Seasons and Waterside Gardens won the Nakano Greenery Contribution Award in 2015 and a Special Judges Award in the 5th Contest for Corporate Activities on Biodiversity in 2016.

  • *1 A space developed to have specified environmental conditions to create a specific biome (ecological community)

Proof of certification as "Urban Oases" greenery areas contributing to society and the environment

  • Four Seasons and Waterside Gardens
  • Waterside area
  • Biodiversity survey
  • Asian swallowtail butterfly (Papilio xuthus)
  • Brown-eared bulbul (Hypsipetes amaurotis)
  • Japanese rice fish (Oryzias latipes)

Employee Comment

Mamoru Koide
Sales Representative Manager,
Nakano Marui
Expansion of Ecological Network through Co-Creation with Community Members
Nakano Marui's Four Seasons and Waterside Gardens provide refreshing spaces for people living in Nakano, places in which they can relax when they get a break from work. Several community members requested that these spaces be used for events, inspiring us to work together with local councils and shopping districts to plan events rooted to the Nakano community in the gardens, such as educational events for teaching children about nature and animals. When these gardens were first opened, they originally felt a bit artificial. Seeking to make the gardens a hospitable environment for animals, rather than just a tool for reducing our environmental impact, we worked together with specialists, receiving advice on how trees should be planted and other matters. Now, the gardens seem more natural, even to the degree that birds lay eggs in them. Going forward, we hope to continue to expand our ecological network through co-creation activities with community members in order to create a space for enjoying connections with nature and learning the importance of animals.

Shinjuku Marui Main Building's Q-COURT British-Style Garden

Q-COURT is an authentic British-style garden on the roof of Shinjuku Marui Main Building that allows customers to take a relaxing break from shopping and enjoy seasonal flowers.

In 2014, Q-COURT became the second retail industry location to be certified as an "Urban Oasis" by the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure, with the first being Nakano Marui's Four Seasons and Waterside Gardens.

Proof of certification as an "Urban Oasis" greenery area contributing to society and the environment

  • Fountain in Early Spring Garden
  • Cosmopolitan butterfly (Vanessa cardui)

SENJU MILDIX's Rooftop Plaza

The rooftop plaza of SENJU MILDIX (Kitasenju Marui) has been adorned with grass areas and seasonal flowers, providing a prime site for people to relax on family outings.

  • Kitasenju Marui rooftop plaza
  • Common straight swift butterfly (Parnara guttata)
  • Japanese Pied Wagtail (Motacilla alba lugens)

NOCTY PLAZA's Rooftop Square

On the roof of NOCTY PLAZA in the Mizonokuchi area, customers will find a miniature sports field and simple play structures as well as benches for taking breaks. This rooftop square provides a space for energetic children to run around and play.

  • Popular shaded benches surrounded by cooling misters
  • Wide benches offering a place to relax to all
  • Children running around and playing on the miniature sports field

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