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Organization that Utilizes Diversity

One of the goals of promoting diversity is to remove barriers preventing employees from working to the extent they desire and thereby create an environment in which all employees can deliver their best performance. Each of our roughly 6,000 employees is unique. When these employees understand each other and unite under a common goal, their combined wisdom will no doubt give rise to innovation. We are currently reviewing our personnel evaluation systems, striving to establish systems that will better facilitate everyone's growth. We also realize that employees' desire to excel must be supported by good physical and mental health, a concept that is linked to the idea that we should "equate the development of our people with the development of our company" described in the corporate philosophy. It is only when our employees can grow and feel joy that they will be able to bring joy to customers.

Three Themes for Promoting Diversity

MARUI GROUP seeks to ensure that every employee can exercise their individuality and feel enthusiastic toward their work. To this end, we are promoting diversity based on three themes.

  1. 1. Corporate culture in which the individuality of every employee is respected
    • Official Groupwide project teams
    • Initiatives led by Medium-Term Management Visionary Committee
    • Cross-Group profession change system
  2. 2. Systems and frameworks supporting the contributions of all employees
    • Work style reforms (reduction of overtime)
    • Work-life balance systems
  3. 3. Management reforms for utilizing diversity
    • Communication reforms
    • Opportunities for everyone to participate in management
    • Corporate culture facilitating self-growth

Message from Member of Diversity Subcommittee

Kazumi Abe
Store Manager,
Marui Family Mizonokuchi
Improvements to Corporate Value Brought About by Promoting Diversity

Promoting diversity is one of MARUI GROUP's main management policies and is also a strategy for giving form to the Company's corporate philosophy of "continue evolving to better aid our customers." Our efforts on this front include cultivating a corporate culture in which all employees are accepting toward one another's individuality and reforming systems to make sure employees are motivated in their work as they tackle new challenges and grow. In addition, we are implementing management reforms to utilize this culture and these systems in promoting diversity.

Society is currently undergoing changes, and the values and needs of people are diversifying. In order to respond to these changes, we need employees to put forth their unique strengths, forming teams when individual effort is not enough. Moreover, we will need to build upon our ability to transform these endeavors on the part of employees into corporate value. MARUI GROUP is committed to fostering the individuality of employees that is their diversity in order to pave our road to tomorrow, remaining ever supportive of employees as we look to the future.

Approach toward Promoting Diversity

The promotion of diversity has been clearly identified as a management strategy in the Company's medium-term management plans since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015. Specific diversity promotion initiatives include MARUI GROUP's participation in A Group of Male Leaders Who will Create a Society in which Women Shine, a committee headed by the Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office of Japan. In addition, we distribute Diversity Books containing messages from senior management to all employees. The Company has also established the Diversity Subcommittee, which comprises representatives from management, and the Diversity Project Team, which is membered by employees from throughout the Group. With these two organizations in place, we are able to set directives, such as expanding grassroots activities for fostering diversity awareness within the Group, in a top-down manner, while simultaneously advancing bottom-up diversity promotion initiatives.

Top-Down Directives, Bottom-Up Initiatives

  • Identification of diversity promotion as a management strategy in the Company's medium-term management plans since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015
  • Participation of President Hiroshi Aoi in A Group of Male Leaders
    Who will Create a Society in which Women Shine
    (Cabinet Office) as a founding member

"Declaration on Action" by a Group of Male Leaders
Who will Create "A Society in which Women Shine."
(Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office)

  • Distribution of Diversity Books containing messages from senior management to all employees

Diversity Book (Japanese only)PDF

  • Advancement of initiatives at workplaces spearheaded by Diversity Project Team members
  • Support for projects from supervisors and Diversity Subcommittee members

Comprising representatives from management, the Diversity Subcommittee plays a role in supporting the Diversity Project Team. The members of this project team change with each fiscal year, resulting in an annual increase in the number of employees that have experienced membership. Moreover, the project team provides an opportunity for participants from differing backgrounds to learn of each other's individuality.

Activities of the Diversity Project Team

Innovation and Evolution of Diversity Promotion Initiatives

MARUI GROUP's diversity promotion initiatives began from the starting point of gender diversity. The number of employees involved has grown with each coming year since these initiatives were kicked off in 2013. As a result, these initiatives have continued to evolve through the gradual broadening of their scope, from only women to including men, from management to employees, and eventually to encompass a greater range of workplaces and finally the entire Group.

  • 2030 Committee
  • Launch of 2030 Committee, predecessor to current committees
    that was named after the government target of increasing the
    ratio of female managers to 30% by 2020
  • Initially consisted of five female managers
  • Additional two male managers joined in latter half of 2013
  • Diversity Subcommittee
  • Female Employee
    Empowerment Project Team
  • Establishment of Diversity Subcommittee membered by six female
    managers and three male managers and Female Employee
    Empowerment Project Team comprising 15 employees joining
    via open application
  • Diversity Subcommittee
  • Diversity Project Team
  • Project team renamed Diversity Project Team to remove
    "female employee" from name; members increased from
    15 to 43 employees via open application
  • Diversity Subcommittee
  • Diversity Project Team
  • Second Diversity Project Team launched in latter half of 2016
    with 50 new members

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