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Opportunities Granted to All

Promotion of Employment of Differently Abled Individuals


MARUI KIT CENTER CO., LTD., is a special subsidiary of MARUI GROUP that advances initiatives for creating new employment opportunities for differently abled individuals that date back to 1992. This company has been promoting the employment of such individuals and expanding the range of duties available for them to perform for more than two decades.

Today, employees at MARUI KIT CENTER have come to perform a wide range of duties. These duties include the management and shipping of supplies (wrapping paper and office supplies) used by the Group; inspection of products (apparel and sundries); the provision of office services, which include conducting office work and printing and mailing materials for Group companies; and the creation of business cards and employee IDs for Group employees. Moreover, this company's management concept has been broadened from the prior goal of promoting employment of differently abled individuals and making such employment an entrenched part of the company's operations to the new goal of facilitating growth through work. By providing various positions and work stages based on employees' individual talents and the nature of their disability, MARUI KIT CENTER is developing an environment in which differently abled individuals can continue to work while feeling motivated and exercising independence.

The activities of MARUI KIT CENTER have earned acknowledgement, and this company was awarded first prize (Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Award) in the 2008 list of superior examples of workplace improvements for accommodating employees with hearing impairments. MARUI KIT CENTER was later presented with an award of excellence in the 2012 list of superior examples of workplace improvements for supporting career development by differently abled individuals and for addressing issues related to aging.

Supply pickup

Award ceremony

Dialogue 03
Empowerment of Every Employee through Mutual Understanding

Visit to MARUI KIT CENTER by Emperor and Empress of Japan

On Tuesday, December 7, 2010, the Emperor and Empress of Japan visited MARUI KIT CENTER as part of the national awareness week for differently abled people. The Emperor and Empress observed supply delivery and office service duties being performed by individuals with mental disabilities as well as product inspection operations largely conducted by individuals with hearing impairments. In addition, the imperial couple spoke with individual employees, offering them words of encouragement.

  • Emperor and Empress of Japan touring MARUI KIT CENTER facility
  • Emperor and Empress of Japan speaking with employees

Observation of MARUI KIT CENTER by Participants in ASEAN and Japan High Level Officials Meeting on Caring Societies

In October 2011, MARUI KIT CENTER was visited and observed by government officials from ASEAN countries that had attended the 9th ASEAN and Japan High Level Officials Meeting on Caring Societies held by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The theme of this particular meeting was "Human Resource Development in the sectors of Welfare and Health ~ with a focus on capacity building of service providers and employability promotion of vulnerable people ~." The officials were brought to observe MARUI KIT CENTER because of the strong reputation it had built in promoting the employment of differently abled individuals.

Dedicated Organization for Expanding the Range of Duties that Can Be Performed by Differently Abled Individuals

In the Support Partner Section of MARUI GROUP's Personnel Division, differently abled staff members provide support for the office work procedures of Group companies, including assisting with the input of electronic information and the filing of documents. These services effectively contribute to the productivity of work at Group companies. Furthermore, by expanding the range of duties that can be performed by differently abled individuals, we are promoting employment of such individuals and simultaneously fostering a corporate culture of growing together with these individuals.

Ratio of employees with disabilities (As of May 1, 2017)

  Legally mandated target for private companies MARUI GROUP
Ratio of employees with disabilities 2.00% 2.39%
  • Support for office work provided using high-level computer literacy
  • Letter of appreciation received from Group company Epos Card Co., Ltd., recognizing high service quality

Understanding of the LGBT Community

MARUI GROUP received a silver rating from among the three levels (bronze, silver, and gold) of the PRIDE INDEX in work with Pride 2016. The PRIDE INDEX was established by work with Pride and is the first index in Japan designed to encourage the development of LGBT-friendly workplaces in a manner that exceeds the boundaries of companies. MARUI GROUP will continue its efforts to support the LGBT community into the future.

Reemployment Support System

We have introduced a reemployment support system allowing employees that have reached the mandatory retirement age of 60 to continue working until 65, in principle, should they choose to do so. We value employees with specialized knowledge gained through years of experience, recognizing that they are precious human resources. In addition, we are developing new areas in which we can leverage the customer-first perspective and customer service capabilities that are unique to individuals with retail experience. Furthermore, following the October 2013 increase to the age at which people can begin receiving public pensions, we expanded our reemployment support system to allow for retired employees to come back full time, adding to the previously available option of working shortened hours. This move has made it possible for employees to choose the work style that best suits their needs. (In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, 90% of employees requesting reemployment were able to continue working.)

Internships Providing Opportunities to Experience Work

MARUI GROUP holds internship programs for university and graduate school students three times a year, in summer and fall. These programs cover a period of three to 10 days and include internship work at the head office and at stores.

At the head office, interns are given the opportunity to experience a wide range of tasks, including those related to product and store development as well as those requiring credit card knowledge. With regard to product development work, we have implemented a program in which we share with interns our goal of, and processes for, co-creating products together with customers and then ask them to explore customer needs through group work. At stores, interns join employees on directly operated sales floors to learn about customer needs through customer service and sales floor development activities. After this, interns inspect stores from the customer's perspective and then inform store managers of any issues they uncovered or any improvements they want to propose. Through these internship programs, interns are able to experience the type of attitudes with which contributing members of society approach their work and the goals that they pursue.

MARUI GROUP Internship Program (Japanese only)

AOI SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION Supporting the Next Generation

The AOI SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION was established by MARUI GROUP founder Chuji Aoi with the aim of contributing to the development of people that can shape the future of Japan and benefit society. Over the more than 40 years since its establishment, this foundation has helped fund the education of high school and university students while facilitating networking between students receiving scholarships and past graduates.

Group of new university students supported in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017

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