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Opportunities Granted to All

Work-Life Balance Systems

MARUI GROUP is systematically introducing systems for supporting employees caring for children or family members based on their needs. In this manner, we aid employees in balancing their work with childbirth, childrearing, and long-term care for family members. (Different standards exist for temporary employees.)

Pre-Childbirth Support Systems

Communication forums for mothers raising young children are held once a year for individuals taking maternity leave or childcare leave. These forums provide an opportunity for employees to learn about the state of their company and its human resources systems and to share information and opinions with mothers that are currently working while raising children. Through exchanges centered around question-and-answer sessions, these forums help participants alleviate their concerns and make new discoveries.

  • Work leave prior to childbirth: Can be acquired immediately after pregnancy is discovered
  • Shortened working hours during pregnancy
  • Leave for childbirth by spouse: 2 special paid vacation days
  • Leave for infertility treatment: Up to 2 years

Post-Childbirth Support Systems

  • Childcare leave system: Available up to child's 3rd birthday (7 paid vacation days provided to employees returning to work prior to child becoming 1 year and 2 months old)
  • Shortened working hours for childcare purposes: Available until child completes 3rd grade of elementary school
  • Time period-limited full-time work system: Available until child completes 6th grade of elementary school
  • Child nursing care leave: 5 special paid leave days a year provided to employees with 1 pre-elementary school child (can be acquired as 10 half days) and 10 days for employees with 2 or more applicable children (can be acquired as 20 half days)
  • Work location limitation and exemption from relocations for childcare purposes

Support System Usage Data

FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Number of female employees taking childcare leave*1 250 285 284 289 309 305 324
Number of male employees taking childcare leave*2 0 2 0 11 37 56 78
Number of employees working shortened hours
for pregnancy or childcare purposes*1
(Of whom,
male employees: 1)
(Of whom,
male employees: 2)
(Of whom,
male employees: 2)
(Of whom,
male employees: 4)
(Of whom,
male employees: 2)
(Of whom,
male employees: 1)
(Of whom,
male employees: 0)
  • *1 Figures are the average for each fiscal year.
  • *2 Figures are as of March 31 of each fiscal year.

Long-Term Care Support

  • Long-term care leave system: Up to 2 years, 3 months (can be acquired in parts, 1 use per each applicable family member)
  • Shortened working hours for long-term care purposes: Up to 3 years
  • Special long-term care leave: 5 special paid leave days a year provided to employees with 1 applicable family member (can be acquired as 10 half days) and 10 days for employees with 2 or more applicable family members (can be acquired as 20 half days)
  • Work location limitation and exemption from relocations for long-term care purposes

Rehiring System

  • Available to employees that have left work for reasons related to long-term care, childcare, or work relocation by spouse
  • Application can be submitted up to 5 years from date of resignation

Promotion of Paid Vacation Day Acquisition

To facilitate the work-life balance of Group employees, we hold two consecutive vacation day programs a year (offering seven to eight consecutive days of vacation each time) and have also introduced Work-Life Balance Day, a program through which we encourage employees to acquire three consecutive paid vacation days on two occasions during each year. Furthermore, we established a system in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013, that allowed for half paid vacation days to be taken from among the allocated yearly paid vacation days in response to employee needs in this regard. The goal of such initiatives for promoting the acquisition of the allocated yearly amount of paid vacation days is to help employees enjoy more fulfilling work and lead more balanced lives.

External Recognition

Listed Among Companies Exhibiting Excellence in Promoting Women's Empowerment in SMBC Nadeshiko Loans and Private Placement Bonds Selection

The SMBC Nadeshiko Loans and Private Placement Bonds selection is a list of investment and loan candidates compiled by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in May 2017, by tracking the progress of companies' female employee empowerment initiatives based on proprietary standards. This list is provided together with analyses of initiative status and future issues to be faced when conducting investments and loans as well as examples of initiatives for addressing these issues. MARUI GROUP was listed among the Companies Exhibiting Excellence in Promoting Women's Empowerment in the SMBC Nadeshiko Loans and Private Placement Bonds selection. This honor was a reflection of the high evaluation of the Company's initiatives including establishing women's empowerment indexes for measuring the degree to which we have empowered female employees and holding ongoing workshops targeting managers. Other highly rated activities included the introduction of systems facilitating flexible work styles, such as the time period-limited full-time work system.

Special Encouragement Award in the 2016 Companies Supporting Childrearing by Two-Income Households Grand Prix

The Companies Supporting Childrearing by Two-Income Households Grand Prix is a ranking and award program sponsored by Nikkei DUAL, a website that provides information for parents looking to balance work with childrearing in two-income households. Rankings and awards are based on surveys conducted from two perspectives: the issue of the declining birthrate and aging population and the reforms promoted by the Cabinet Office for enabling people to remain highly productive while maintaining a good work-life balance. MARUI GROUP was recognized through this program due to the high evaluation of its efforts to increase the ratio of applicable male employees taking childcare leave and to reduce overtime, as well as the fact that it has included supporting the work-life balance of employees raising children and promoting work style reforms among its management strategies.

Receipt of Platinum "Kurumin" Certification as a Company Actively Supporting Childcare

MARUI GROUP has formulated an action plan for establishing a workplace environment that supports employees in balancing their work and their childrearing efforts in accordance with the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. The accomplishments of related initiatives and of our childcare-related systems won the Company "Kurumin" certification in 2012, 2014, and 2016. In addition, MARUI GROUP received Platinum "Kurumin" certification in July 2016.

Through the Platinum "Kurumin" program, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) strives to recognize companies that have made exceptional progress in introducing and encouraging the use of systems for balancing work and child-rearing. MHLW also aims to promote ongoing related efforts. MARUI GROUP continues to build an environment that is even more conducive to balancing work and childrearing and has established corporate targets and action plans to this effect.

Grand Prix Award in Ikumen Enterprise Award 2016

MARUI GROUP was presented with a Special Encouragement Award in 2014 as part of the Ikumen Enterprise Award program sponsored by the MHLW. Furthermore, following a large increase in childcare leave acquisition by male employees, this and other successes in promoting men's involvement in childrearing were recognized, and the Company received the Grand Prix Award in this program in October 2016 as a result.

Grand Prix Award in Ikuboss Award 2015 Program

Kazumi Abe, a director at MARUI CO., LTD., and the store manager of Omiya Marui (currently store manager of Marui Family Mizonokuchi), received the Grand Prix Award in the Ikuboss Award 2015 program, spearheaded by the MHLW. Reasons for Ms. Abe's selection included her management style that inspires her staff, as well as her consideration for the unique situations of her employees, which she achieves through meeting with them. Ms. Abe also received recognition for her efforts to cultivate a corporate culture encouraging employees to leave work on time and avoid overtime, in part by doing so herself, and to promote the use of childcare leave by male employees.

Receipt of 2013 Tokyo Labor Bureau's Award for Excellence in Awards for Companies Promoting Equality and Work-Life Balance

In October 2013, MARUI GROUP was recognized as advancing initiatives that should serve as models for other companies and was thus presented with the Tokyo Labor Bureau's Award for Excellence in the Family Friendly Company Division of the Awards for Companies Promoting Equality and Work-Life Balance by the MHLW.

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