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Groupwide Support Systems for Growth

Investments in Human Resources to Stimulate New Growth

Recognizing that human resources are the greatest driver behind the creation of corporate value, MARUI GROUP conducts investments in the recruitment and development of human resources.

Profession Change Framework

MARUI GROUP has been implementing its profession change system since April 2013 with the aim of fostering the diversity of individual talents. Through this shared Groupwide system, we conduct personnel relocations that place employees in different divisions or Group companies. It is common for people, after having worked in a single profession for a number of years, to go about their jobs without putting much thought into their practices. Profession changes provide an opportunity for employees to break away from their sense of normalcy and escape preconceptions to better practice a customer-first mentality and discover new ways of responding to customer needs.

For example, when a member of our sales staff positioned in a sales office undergoes a profession change placing them in the FinTech business at EPOS Card, they are able to provide service in their new capacity while calling upon the retailing perspective they cultivated previously. Such cross-organizational utilization of talent contributes to improved productivity for the Group. The number of people changing professions is rising at sales offices, where staff members are increasingly relocating to sales floors for different products. A new sales floor results in interaction with new customers, which in turn leads to new discoveries.

Total Number of Employees Changing Positions between Group Companies

  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Employees changing positions 287 383 552 404 207
Aggregate total 287 670 1,222 1,626 1,833

Totals for number of employees changing positions in April and October of each year; April only for 2017

Opportunities to Think About Career Development

As of April 2017, a total of 1,833 employees (or approximately 34% of all Group employees) had undergone relocations to different Group companies. To promote profession changes and provide an opportunity for employees to think about their careers, the Company holds Job Forum events once every six months. In these forums, employees from different Group companies that have experienced various positions explain their motivation toward their job and other work experiences. As one facet of these Job Forum events, individual consultation events are held for each Group company. Furthermore, we distribute Job Books to all employees and otherwise support them in undertaking changes to new positions in order to stimulate their personal growth.

  • Job Forums
    Events at which employees from different Group companies explain their motivation toward their job and other work experiences
  • Individual Consultation Events
    Individual consultation events at which employees from each Group company can be asked questions about their job and otherwise consulted
  • Job Book
    Booklet containing business and job descriptions from various divisions at Group companies as well as messages from employees working therein

Post-Profession Change Satisfaction Survey

In November 2016, the Personnel Division conducted a survey of 2,000 employees that had undergone profession changes to gather information on their experiences.

Corporate Culture of Encouraging Voluntary Participation

MARUI GROUP’s corporate philosophy calls for us to “continue evolving to better aid our customers” and “equate the development of our people with the development of our company.” Based on this philosophy, we have established Groupwide committees and project teams with members recruited through open application. As of September 30, 2017, approximately 4,500 employees (around 70% of the total number of Group employees) have volunteered to participate in such forums, where they deepen their understanding of the corporate philosophy through dialogue while examining themes that are important to the Group’s management.

Activities of the Medium-Term Management Visionary Committee

The Medium-Term Management Visionary Committee is a forum for discussing various topics that will be important to the future of Group management. In the past, meetings were primarily focused on explanations of management policies and other such matters. However, topics are now selected that require a medium-term perspective and for which initiatives will be advanced with a timeline of three-to-five years. While this committee was previously only open to members of Group management, from January 2016 any interested employee is able to apply for participation, and meetings have been held almost every month since. Active discussion is conducted among members that are selected from the approximately 1,000 applications received for each meeting. Furthermore, we regularly invite outside lecturers to conduct special lectures.

Lively question-and-answer sessions held after each lecture

2016 Committee Meeting Discussion Topics

  • Jan.Corporate value as viewed by the market, special lecture Report on Activities of Credit Card Evolution Project Team
  • Feb.Accommodation of all customers—LGBT community, special lecture
  • Mar.Corporate value as viewed by the market 2, special lecture
  • Apr.Analysis of MARUI GROUP's operating environment and future projections
  • Jun.Medium-term management plan for Retailing segment
    Medium-term management plan for FinTech segment
    Report on anime business activities
  • Jul.Hakata Marui co-creation initiatives
    Report on interactions with investors (investor relations activity report)
  • Sep.Report on Rakuchin Kirei series shoes try-on store initiatives
    Information on pants-related initiatives of new ru brand
  • Oct.Vision for the world realized through FinTech and MARUI GROUP’s business therein, special lecture
  • Dec.Retail industry and MARUI GROUP as viewed by a business columnist, special lecture

2017 Committee Meeting Discussion Topics

  • Jan.Distribution industry as seen through trends in China, the United States, and Japan, special lecture
  • Apr.Social environment as it pertains to MARUI GROUP and future outlook
  • MayFuture created by the fashion business, special lecture
    Strategies for competing viewed as stories—requirements for effective strategies, special lecture
  • Jun.Medium-term management plan of Retailing business
    Medium-term management plan of FinTech business
  • Jul.A New Form of Financial Security and Future Potential—Special lecture
    Report on findings of New York observation tour—Presentation for sharing information within the Company
  • Aug.Long-term operating environment changes and new growth initiatives
    Small meeting regarding financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017
  • Sep.MARUI GROUP's ESG: Forward-Looking Initiatives for Transforming Our Main Business into a Socially Contributing Undertaking—Special lecture
  • Oct.The Digital Industrial Revolution: Era of Redefining Industries—Special lecture
  • Nov.Innovation Creation Approach Apparent in Global Management Practices—Special lecture

Mutual Communication Application

In April 2017, the Medium-Term Management Visionary Committee tested PingPong, a smartphone application that allows for the real-time administration of surveys and sharing of results. On the day this application was tested, it was downloaded by 305 committee participants. By allowing employees to answer questions via their smartphones and then displaying responses on a screen before all participants to see, this application contributed to a more lively discussion on the topics of the social environment as it pertains to MARUI GROUP and the outlook for the future.

Input acquired from participants and presented in real time

Human Resources Development Committee

On the Human Resources Development Committee, the varied members, which include senior managing executive officers and outside lecturers, put their heads together to closely examine concepts pertaining to employee growth on both an individual and team level. In this manner, the committee implements a program in which leaders are cultivated through group discussion. The committee was established in 2010 with the aim of providing a venue for facilitating the growth of employees in order to contribute to the realization of the Group’s corporate philosophy. Participants utilize the communication and problem-solving skills acquired on the committee to further team growth at their respective divisions.

Members with diverse backgrounds are receptive toward others’ opinions as they seek to create new ideas

Committee on Catering to Customer Needs

The Committee on Catering to Customer Needs is a committee in which rotating members are recruited from among senior management and employees to participate for a period of roughly six months. Over the six years leading up to March 2017, an aggregate number of 411 employees have taken part in examining potential social changes and the future evolution of customer needs through this committee.

Deep examination of customer needs to learn as a team

Official Group Project Teams

MARUI GROUP has established three official Group project teams: the Marui Future Project Team, the Diversity Project Team, and the Healthcare Management Project Team. These project teams serve as forums for in-depth, forward-looking discussions on topics that will affect the Group and society as a whole from a medium-to-long-term perspective.

Career Development Support Systems

MARUI GROUP provides employees with career development support including training programs that have been introduced to educate employees and help them acquire work skills.

License System

MARUI GROUP has created a total of 69 license guidebooks that are made available to all employees and cover topics ranging from the common sense that every contributing member of society should possess to subjects that can be directly linked to one's work. By enabling employees to take license acquisition tests during work hours, we are creating frameworks that facilitate the work skill development efforts of all employees.

Challenge Leader Program

This internal promotion facilitating program provides training and tests for employees to help them acquire necessary skills and improve their work capabilities to the levels required of leaders. The framework for this program exceeds the boundaries of daily work and organizations, allowing the Company to promote to leadership roles individuals that contribute to improved corporate value by continually exercising their talents and skills to the fullest extent. Moreover, as participation in the Challenge Leader Program is based on the willingness of employees, this program plays an important part in cultivating a corporate culture that emphasizes autonomy in undertaking new challenges and a desire to grow.

E-Learning Programs

MARUI GROUP provides e-learning programs that employees can utilize for the ongoing, self-propelled acquisition of necessary business skills and knowledge. Employees are free to learn as they please by choosing from over 100 courses, including basic management courses, logical thinking courses, and communication skills courses.

Growth Support Programs

The Company supports individuals pursuing further growth by sending them to business schools and covering related expenses. We provide opportunities for employees to acquire new knowledge and skills outside of the Group in relation to areas such as management skills, work organization capabilities, and idea output capacities. In addition to acquiring new business skills, such opportunities contribute to growth through the interactions employees have with the people from various other industries that also take advantage of such opportunities.

Self-Development Seminars

The MARUI GROUP Welfare Committee spearheads various self-development seminars to support employees in pursuing ongoing self-development in order to become the type of human resources the Group can rely on and to enrich their own lives. Such seminars include overseas dispatch seminars, computer lessons, qualification acquisition follow-up courses, and business skills courses.

Qualification Acquisition Aid

MARUI GROUP provides aid to help cover the expenses for the acquisition of Company-approved qualifications and for related studies. This aid is available for the acquisition of approximately 400 qualifications, including financial planner, color coordinator, shoe fitter, and TOEIC English qualifications. Employees are allowed to choose the study method they desire from among correspondence education, e-learning, and schooling programs.

Groupwide Information Sharing

Communication between Labor and Management

MARUI GROUP holds monthly labor-management meetings and occupational health and safety committee meetings at the workplace level.*1 In addition, offsite meetings led by workplace union representatives that provide opportunities for free discussion between supervisors and employees take place after work hours. By having employees play an active role in business activity and workplace reforms, we are fostering an atmosphere of open communication between labor and management.

  • *1 Supervisors and union representatives at each workplace hold monthly labor-management meetings and occupational health and safety committee meetings. The discussions that take place at these meetings help build comfortable workplace environments through management-labor coordination and thereby contribute to safeguarding the health and safety of employees.

Offsite meeting

Frameworks Providing Open Access to Information

Various networking tools are in place to ensure that information can be promptly communicated throughout the Group. Specific examples of such tools include MARUGOTO, an internal Group newsletter; MARUCOMI, an internal social networking site that allows for advertisements, recruitments, and information to be shared between the head office and other workplaces in a reciprocal, real-time manner; and MARUI GROUP Net, a site that provides information about the Group and that can be accessed via smartphones, computers, or other Internet-enabled devices. In this manner, we have in place a full line of systems for sharing information among all employees.

  • MARUGOTO internal newsletter
  • MARUCOMI internal social networking site
  • MARUI GROUP Net site

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