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Inclusive Store Development

Improvement of Customer Service

Employees undergo Service Care-Fitter training to foster a spirit of hospitality and to learn how to accommodate various customers. This training is conducted in-house by 11 Group employees that have acquired official instructor qualifications. In addition, external lecturers are invited to implement training for the Universal Manner Placement Examination program and to perform LGBT training. Employees also receive training on catering to the needs of inbound travelers performed by non-Japanese lecturers. With the skills gained, we aim to improve customer service in order to foster an environment in which all customers can enjoy shopping.

Service Care-Fitter Training

Group employees with official instructor qualifications have been providing Service Care-Fitter training since 2009, and almost every employee working in our stores has undergone this training. As of April 2018, 560 of these employees had acquired Service Care-Fitter qualifications. Through these training sessions, we seek to deepen understanding with regard to the desires to be of assistance to people and to assume other people's perspectives, which are the most fundamental aspects of our customer service. With this deeper understanding, we hope that employees will be able to exercise a greater level of competency in helping senior citizens and differently abled individuals as they shop.

  • In training for assisting customers using wheelchairs, employees learn how to operate wheelchairs through actual use.
  • Employees wear special goggles to show how objects appear to someone with cataracts in senior citizen simulation training.

Universal Manner Placement Examination Program

The Universal Manner Placement Examination program is a certification program run by the Japan Universal Manners Association. This program is designed to teach about the type of mind-sets and behavior necessary to properly interact with a diverse range of people and thereby cultivate individuals capable of acting based on the differing perspectives of others. The curriculum is developed under the guidance of differently abled lecturers, making for a course that does not just tell individuals about the safest approach but rather endows them with a refined approach enabling them to offer true comfort and joy to others. MARUI GROUP began having employees take part in the program in 2016. As of May 2018, 2,961 employees had acquired Rank 3 certification.

Employees with rank 3 certification

LGBT Training

Rather than simply providing employees with knowledge regarding the psychology of members of the LGBT community and the issues they face, LGBT training aims to foster a mentality of striving to accommodate the needs of other people by having employees adopt the standpoint of LGBT individuals and think from this perspective. We began holding such training sessions in 2016, and, as of May 2018, an aggregate total of roughly 2,461 employees had participated. These training sessions are contributing to an increased ability to cater to the needs of diverse customers and higher levels of hospitality while helping employees acquire knowledge.

Education opportunities provided by external lecturers

Female Security Guards

Group company MARUI FACILITIES Co., Ltd., appoints female security guards to perform security work at stores and event sites. As women, these security guards are able to provide a unique brand of consideration and service as they patrol women's restrooms and baby changing areas and thereby help customers feel more at ease when they use these facilities. MARUI remains committed to developing environments that offer comfortable shopping experiences well into the future.

Female security guard checking employee belongings

AEDs in All Stores and First-Aid Lessons

To ensure the safety of customers, we have installed automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at all Marui stores. In addition, we conduct general first-aid lessons of the same caliber as those performed by fire departments within the Group. This feat is possible because an employee of MARUI FACILITIES Co., Ltd., became the first retail industry employee to ever acquire the required first-aid instructor qualifications in June 2008.

First-aid lesson instructor qualifications

Fire and Disaster Response Drills

Fire drills are held twice a year at sales offices and at all MARUI GROUP companies, and disaster response drills are held once a year. Through these drills, we seek to heighten the fire prevention awareness of employees to ensure an added degree of security for customers as they shop.

  • Nakano Marui
  • Marui City Yokohama
  • Kawasaki Marui

Safety Competitions for Business Partners

Group renovation company AIM CREATE CO., LTD., holds safety competitions for business partners every June, inviting around 200 representatives from roughly 100 business partners. At these competitions, awards are presented to business partners that have addressed safety issues in construction work performed for AIM CREATE. In addition, we introduce examples of construction accidents and safety measures. Through these efforts, we are working to ensure safety and prevent accidents by business partners.

26th safety competition (2016)

Activities of the Marui Future Project Team

The Future of Japan and MARUI GROUP's Role Therein

The Marui Future Project Team is a committee open to employee participation that was established in July 2015, with the aim of further evolving the social contribution activities that we have been conducting through our business in a project format since 2011. This committee is tasked with thinking about the future of Japan and MARUI GROUP's role in this future.

The committee features a diverse variety of members from various age groups and workplaces that participate as representatives for their respective stores, workplaces, and divisions. The insight and ideas gained through involvement with the project team are utilized back at the workplaces of members to establish action plans detailing measures for their respective businesses, whether that be store development, product creation, or FinTech.

As members change each year, the committee gives birth to new autonomous employees with increased insight and awareness on a yearly basis. The committee thus helps cultivate a corporate culture that is conducive to innovation for transforming our business into a socially contributing undertaking.

Vision of Marui Future Project Team 2017: Diversity and Inclusion

MARUI GROUP aims to be a leader in developing products, services, and stores that bring joy to all customers, regardless of their age, gender, or physical characteristics.

Diversity Week

One week in November 2016 was designated as Diversity Week at MARUI GROUP's head office. During this week, a display was exhibited at the office's entrance that sought to foster understanding and support for the LGBT community with the theme of "a society in which everyone can be themselves."

Employee Comment

Mayu Ueda (left)
Chiharu Sato (right)
Members of the Marui Future Project Team in FY2016
Kyoto Marui
Growth Driven by Our Evolution
We learned of the LGBT community by participating in the Marui Future Project Team. Upon returning to our store, we wondered how we could communicate our desire to welcome these individuals. The most important thing, we realized, was to make sure customers could have a pleasant shopping experience. We took steps including stocking larger sizes for all models of shoes on sales floors and setting up information desks in break rooms to help inform employees and tenants about the LGBT community. Our passion to bring joy to all customers spread throughout the store, and is now a unifying force here at Kyoto Marui. We were particularly happy when a newer member of the store staff signed up to join the Marui Future Project Team. This experience made us realize that, just as described in the corporate philosophy, if we continue to evolve, this evolution will spread throughout the Company, driving its growth.

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