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Medium-Term Management Plan

As of March 31, 2016

Through Groupwide reforms brought about by business structure transformations, MARUI GROUP was able to achieve the target of 6% for ROE defined in the previous medium-term management plan in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, one year in advance. For this reason, we decided to establish a new five-year medium-term management plan. This plan was made to emphasize improved corporate value.

Plan with the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2021

Achieve ROE of more than 10%, ROIC of more than 4%, and EPS of more than ¥130

Plan Framework

  • Improvement of corporate value through integrated Group operations
  • Development of optimal capital structure and further improvement of productivity
  • Creation of new businesses through transformation of Group businesses

Specific Initiatives

Retailing Stores Improve capital productivity by completing transition to a business structure focused on shopping centers and fixed-term rental contracts and deploying next-generation lifestyle-oriented shopping centers
Omni-channel retailing Develop business focused on Internet sales while expanding scope of try-on stores that combine Group expertise and other unique business models
Facility management
and distribution
Utilize store renovation, distribution, building management, and other retailing expertise in an integrated manner and advance business-to-business operations
FinTech Credit cards Increase number of EPOS card fans across Japan and reinforce collaboration with commercial facilities and companies while maintaining high profit margins and simultaneously expanding business scale
Financial services Expand revenues from rent guarantee, insurance, and other services utilizing credit know-how to improve ROIC through business requiring minimal invested capital
IT Support expansion of Group business scope by utilizing new technologies to improve customer convenience
Optimal capital structure Create structure in which ROIC consistently exceeds capital costs by improving ROIC through income growth and establishing optimal capital structure suited to Group business structure
Growth investments Develop commercial facilities utilizing shopping center and fixed-term rental know-how, conduct M&A activities for expanding business scope, invest in venture companies to acquire new technologies, and execute other growth investments for improving corporate value
Productivity improvement Utilize human resources as necessitated by business portfolio as a united MARUI GROUP to further improve Group productivity
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