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Dialogue 03New Meaning of "Healthcare" for the Eye of the Company Physician

  • Tomoo Ishii
    Director and Managing Executive Officer, and Chief Operating Officer
    Healthcare Promotion In charge of General Affairs,
    Personnel and Healthcare Promotion
  • Reiko Kojima
    General Manager, Health Management Division
    Company Physician

Proactive and Preventive Healthcare

In MARUI GROUP’s healthcare management, we strive to encourage employees, important partners in our co-creation management initiatives, to think through the lens of health in order to invigorate the organization and improve labor productivity and thereby increase corporate value and make social contributions.

Health is absolutely essential to the growth of employees

Ishii: Part of MARUI GROUP’s corporate philosophy is to "equate the development of our people with the development of our company." Of course, health is absolutely essential to the growth of employees. However, in addition to pursuing improvements in the numeric scores of employee health examinations, I think that empowering our employees to work energetically is also an important driver behind our co-creation management activities.

Kojima: One’s state of health will always have an impact on their daily work performance. Health cannot be separated from one’s daily growth at work.

Ishii: Four years ago, MARUI GROUP introduced a profession change system that actively promotes personnel relocations between Group companies and divisions. Immediately after such relocations, employees may temporarily face difficulties performing in their new position, a situation that can prove stressful. Regardless of this potential stress, however, profession changes have become common at MARUI GROUP. This development is likely the result of the spread of a mentality that values changing oneself to adapt to a new environment and thereby furthering one’s own capacity to grow. The dissemination of this system was spurred forward by your belief, Dr. Kojima, that growth requires both stress and rest.

Kojima: If one only rests, and is not subjected to stress, they may be able to maintain good mental health, but they will never grow more skillful. The healthcare measures of most companies are generally focused on a type of preventive healthcare approach. However, in order for people to keep growing, it is also important to implement proactive healthcare measures that are designed to encourage employees to adapt to changes and think and act autonomously. At MARUI GROUP, I hope that the proactive measures of the Health Management Division will be accelerated, while coordinating with the preventive measures advanced by the Group’s health insurance union.

The health of each individual employee represents a building block for the corporate value of the Company

Ishii: On the healthcare front, we introduced the Resilience Program in February 2016. We began this program by encouraging managers to develop lifestyle patterns that increase their energy with regard to their body (diet, exercise, and sleep), mood, thinking, and mental state. In addition, we have included positive questions on the surveys taken by all employees when undergoing health examinations, including "I understand the goal of my work" and "I am utilizing my strengths to take on new challenges." These initiatives have made it possible to perform cross-analyses of the degree of energy that employees are able to sustain in their work and of their diet, sleep habits, and other lifestyle patterns. We are utilizing this information in advancing proactive healthcare measures.

Kojima: As MARUI GROUP’s operating sites are spread throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area and the rest of Japan, we hold self-care training sessions*1 260 times a year. We are thereby endeavoring to cultivate a corporate culture that places increased emphasis on the importance of health management as an aspect of one’s work and of working happily. By assembling a force of healthy and energetic employees, we can more easily contribute to the creation of a livelier MARUI GROUP and a happier society. As health is what powers all of our activities, healthcare measures should not be seen as entailing costs. Rather, we ought to view these measures as a form of investment in the assets that are our people.

*1Type of training unique to MARUI GROUP that is aimed at helping employees to recognize their own health condition and think of ways to improve this condition

Ishii: The health of each individual employee represents a building block for the corporate value of the Company. Seeking to entrench this belief among members of MARUI GROUP and create a corporate culture that is ingrained with this sentiment, we set up the Healthcare Promotion Project together with relevant divisions. Through this program, we designate a Healthcare Month*2 as a period for improving employee health awareness, position female healthcare promotion leaders throughout Japan, and participate in the KENKO Corporation Association.*3 Acting in accordance with our corporate philosophy, I hope we can work together to enhance the effectiveness of our healthcare promotion efforts, which are fundamental to co-creation.

*2Initiative started in June 2016 to foster employee awareness of health and health improvement through stress checks, surveys about health and smoking, and other activities

*3Association consisting of 36 companies created with the goal of sharing information on healthcare promotion programs and expertise to enhance the effectiveness of healthcare promotion efforts