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Messages from External Directors

August 2017

Appropriate Risk Taking
Supporting Ongoing
Growth Strategies
Masahiro Muroi External Director

I was appointed as an external director at MARUI GROUP in June 2017. My background is in the IT industry, and I hope that my experience at the forefront of advanced technology and digital innovation will be helpful to the Group in formulating growth strategies.

At Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., over the course of more than 20 years, I experienced large-scale IT system development projects, cutting-edge technology-related research and business alliances at Silicon Valley in the United States, the creation of new businesses and services utilizing IT, and solutions development projects conducted through collaboration with IT venture companies. After that, I spent 13 years as an officer in the head office, where I worked in back-office areas including corporate planning, human resources, public relations, investor relations, risk management, and CSR. In the investor relations department, I spent eight years speaking directly with countless institutional investors from Japan, Europe, the Americas, and Asia. That experience proved invaluable in conducting corporate governance reforms later on.

The strength of MARUI GROUP lies in its ability to pursue self-improvement even when faced with a highly volatile operating environment. The needs of consumers, of course, change with the times, and, globally, we are seeing the rapid advance of a digital revolution. In the midst of such trends, MARUI GROUP is undertaking bold business reforms to make omni-channel retailing, FinTech, and digital content central aspects of its business. It is also moving forward with governance reforms, including the establishment of the Nominating and Compensation Committee, the revision of officer compensation systems, and the implementation of a future leader development program, which demonstrate just how progressive the Company is.

Self-improvement entails risks. Transforming business models and introducing state-of-the-art IT technologies, in particular, are accompanied by exposure to new and difficult-to-predict risks. As an external director that is also designated as an independent director, I will rigorously evaluate the appropriateness of MARUI GROUP's strategies and the extent of new risks that may accompany these strategies. At the same time, I will adopt an objective and balanced approach toward my duties and toward voicing opinions, recognizing that appropriate risk taking can support ongoing growth strategies.

Career History
(As of June 26, 2017)
  • Apr. 1978Joined Nomura Computer System Co., Ltd.
    (currently Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.)
  • Jun. 2000Member of the Board,
    Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
  • Apr. 2002Senior Corporate Managing Director,
    Member of the Board,
    Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
  • Apr. 2009 Representative and Senior Executive Managing Director,
    Member of the Board,
    Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
  • Apr. 2013Representative and Vice President,
    Member of the Board,
    Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
  • Jun. 2016External Director, Ryoden Corporation (Incumbent)
  • Jun. 2017External Director (Incumbent)