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Messages from External Directors

August 2015

MARUI GROUP's Respect for the Diversity of Human Resources and Numerous Measures Implemented to Promote Dynamism in the Organizations Will No Doubt Increase the Group's Corporate Value.
Etsuko Okajima External Director

I believe that my duty as an external director is to provide suggestions on how MARUI GROUP can achieve sustainable growth and realize medium-to-long-term improvements in corporate value. In the past, I have supported corporate transformations at numerous companies as a management advisor. Calling upon this expertise, I aim to support MARUI GROUP's management to ensure that the Company continues to grow steadily. Furthermore, I have specialties in cultivating managerial candidates and developing organizations, and I therefore hope to help create an environment that facilitates that growth of employees from a management perspective.

From my viewpoint, the strength of MARUI GROUP comes from its organization, which capitalizes on the innovative minds of its management and the diversity of its human resources. Over the past several years, the Company has been transforming the business model for its Retailing and Store Operation business. These efforts have been driven by a corporate culture that fears neither failure nor change, based on the sentiment of equating the development of people with the development of the Company contained in MARUI GROUP’s corporate philosophy. Looking at its organization, MARUI GROUP respects the diversity of its human resources, and it is implementing numerous measures to create an air of dynamism in the organization, including assigning employees to new professions. These efforts will no doubt drive a steady increase in the Group's corporate value. I am completely onboard with this approach, and I want to support management in building upon these efforts in the future.

In regard to the Board of Directors, I feel that meetings need to go beyond simply approving and deciding on important management matters. Meetings of the Board of Directors should serve as forums for free and constructive discussion of management issues and directives. In my capacity as an external director, I will strive to serve as a catalyst for upbeat discussions and thereby make further contributions to improved corporate value.

Career History
(As of June 25, 2015)
  • Apr. 1989Joined Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Jan. 2001Joined McKinsey & Company
  • Jul. 2005Representative and CEO,
    GLOBIS Management Bank
  • Jun. 2007 President & CEO,
    ProNova Inc. (Incumbent)
  • Jun. 2014External Director,
    Astellas Pharma Inc. (Incumbent)
    External Director (Incumbent)