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Messages from External Directors

August 2015

MARUI GROUP Is Not Attempting
to Duplicate the Successes of the Past
but Is Rather Forging a New Path
through Bold Innovation.
Koichiro Horiuchi External Director

Since being appointed to the position of external director at MARUI GROUP, I have continued to actively provide management with suggestions and advice, all while maintaining an outside perspective. The role of an external director is generally to prevent management from falling into a sense of complacency and to exercise a restraint function to stop management from becoming overly inward looking or acting contrary to social norms. However, in the case of MARUI GROUP, I do not feel this is an issue, as its corporate governance system is functioning soundly.

MARUI GROUP’s strength lies in the fact that the Group always pursues innovation, taking appropriate risks while adapting to the changing times. The Group has built its operating foundations on top of a business model that merges retailing and credit cards. Accordingly, recent operating environment trends, such as the aging population, declining birthrate, and departure from accumulating physical goods, represent major management issues needing to be addressed. However, even in tackling these issues, MARUI GROUP is not attempting to duplicate the successes of the past but is rather forging a new path through bold innovation. Management’s current stance can be seen in the transformation of the retailing business model, the opening of the Group’s first store in Kyushu, and the rapid development of EPOS CARD operations.

In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, MARUI GROUP’s corporate governance system will enter into a new stage. Accordingly, I will reaffirm my own responsibility so that I may live up to the expectations of the Company’s shareholders and other investors by contributing to improved corporate value.

Career History
(As of June 25, 2015)
  • Apr. 1983Joined Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan
  • Mar. 1988Joined FUJI KYUKO CO., LTD.
  •  General Manager,
    Corporate Planning Division,
  • Jun. 1988Director,
  • Feb. 1988Senior Managing Director,
  • Jun. 1989Representative Director and Senior Managing Director,
  • Sep. 1989President and Representative Director,
    FUJI KYUKO CO., LTD. (Incumbent)
  • Jun. 2008External Director (Incumbent)
  • Jun. 2012External Audit & Supervisory Board Member,
    Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Ltd. (Incumbent)