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Message from Key Person in Retailing Business

August 2017

By combining its unique strengths, MARUI GROUP will create new value decades into the future.
Hajime Sasaki Senior Executive Officer
President and Representative Director,

MARUI GROUP is shifting to shopping centers and fixed-term rental contracts in order to develop lifestyle-oriented stores and stabilize earnings while also transforming its business model through the promotion of omni-channel retailing. These initiatives are stimulating significant changes in frontline operations. Our goal in these new initiatives is to respond to the needs of customers to bring them the joy they desire. This goal is shared with the co-creation activities we have continued to advance together with customers, business partners, and other stakeholders.

MARUI GROUP boasts numerous unique strengths. These strengths include our stores poised in prime locations, our co-creation private brand products, our IT and distribution systems supporting our store and e-commerce operations, and the customer service and sales skills of our employees. By combining these strengths, MARUI GROUP will develop distinctive businesses to create new value decades into the future.

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