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Message from Key Person in FinTech Business

August 2017

We aim to realize financial inclusion.
Yoshinori Saito Senior Executive Officer
President and Representative Director,
Epos Card Co., Ltd.

MARUI GROUP has continued to provide payment settlement and other financial services via credit cards. Recently, Japan's declining birthrate, aging population, and pension issues have led youths and young adults to harbor concern for their future, which in turn has inspired them to take interest in investment, conservation, and other money-related areas.

It was based on these trends that MARUI GROUP decided to establish the FinTech Business Department in April 2017. Going forward, we will leverage the Group's management resources and promote open innovation with various companies to expand the range of the financial services we provide with the aim of realizing financial inclusion. For example, we plan to offer services for saving and increasing money and for preparing for the future.

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