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Retailing Business

As of December 31, 2016


Two Store Brands

MARUI GROUP has two store brands: Marui, whose stores display the highly recognized OIOI logo and are primarily located in highly populated areas, and Modi, whose stores are operated by Group company AIM CREATE CO., LTD., in a flexible manner based on their location and building features. By leveraging these two store brands, we are accelerating the continued nationwide development of our operations.

    • Store Development Through Customer Participation

    Hakata Marui opened in April 2016

    • Store Development Based on Regional Characteristics

    Shibuya Modi opened in November 2015

MARUI GROUP Stores: 27 (The charts below exclude Modi stores.)

*1 Purchases using EPOS cards

Store Investment Policy

MARUI GROUP views corporate value as being born out of the harmony between the interests and the happiness of all of its stakeholders. However, it is true that the pursuit of customer happiness, for example, will not naturally contribute to the interests of shareholders. The transition from a department store model to a real estate model is an endeavor aimed at creating a business in which customer happiness is aligned with the interests of shareholders in order to give rise to a business model that realizes harmony between stakeholder interests.

Key Performance Indicators

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