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FinTech Business

As of March 31, 2016

IT (System Development)

Possessing in-house system planning and development functions through Group company M & C SYSTEMS CO., LTD., we have succeeded in catering to customer needs by swiftly introducing highly original systems.

IT systems have increasingly become a core foundation supporting business activities and are thus indispensable to advancing business strategies. As such, IT system vulnerabilities are coming to represent serious threats. Furthermore, ensuring sound information security is now an important social responsibility needing to be addressed by companies. MARUI GROUP was quick to deploy proactive information security initiatives. As a result, we now have rigorous information security precautions installed throughout all areas of our system development, system operation service, and data center facility operations.

Going forward, we will continue to support the expansion of the scope of the FinTech business by increasing customer convenience with new technologies gained through open innovation activities.

  • 1960Issued first credit card in Japan

    Issued first credit card in Japan
  • 1966Introduced industry's first computer

    Industry's first computer
  • 1974Launched industry's first POS online credit inquiry system

  • 1975Began offering on-the-spot approval at stores for Akai Cards

    Akai Card
  • 1984Established M & C SYSTEMS CO., LTD.; entered into IT systems business

  • 1997Introduced Work Station sales-area-use terminals

  • 2013Began on-the-spot issuance of credit cards equipped with IC chips, using tablets

    Tablet used for on-the-spot issuance of credit cards equipped with IC chips
Issued first credit card in Japan
Industry's first computer
Akai Card
Tablet used for on-the-spot issuance of credit cards equipped with IC chips

Receipt of 16th Porter Prize by MARUI GROUP's Credit Card Services Business

MARUI GROUP's credit card services business has a long history dating back to its founding and the installment payments offered then that gained additional depth when the Company issued Japan’s first credit card in 1960. This business was awarded the 16th Porter Prize. The rationale for this selection included a high evaluation of factors such as how we ensure the convenience of credit card issuance in recognition of our cards' position in supporting retail, how our cards are largely held by customers under the age of 40 due to our policy of building creditability together with customers, and the large ratio of revolving payment usage.

About the Porter Prize
The Porter Prize is an award that was created in July 2001 to bestow recognition on Japanese companies that have achieved and maintained superior profitability in a particular industry by implementing unique strategies based on innovations in products, processes, and ways of managing. The name of the award is derived from Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard University.

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