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FinTech Business

As of March 31, 2016

Mission of FinTech

The term "FinTech" is a portmanteau of finance and technology and is used to refer to a category of new finance services that utilize cutting-edge IT to deliver greater convenience. MARUI GROUP sees the fundamental goal of FinTech as being able to supply financial services to customers that are not able to take advantage of traditional financial services. In other words, it is FinTech's mission to promote financial inclusion by supplying financial services to everyone. In this respect, one of MARUI GROUP's missions is to provide financial services that help realize fulfilling lifestyles to youths and all other customers. We thus chose the transition from credit card services to FinTech, redefining our operations in this area from a forward-looking perspective.

Financial Services in Our Daily Lives

Previously, MARUI GROUP only provided financial services, such as payment and borrowing services, through its credit cards. In the future, however, the Company will strive to expand its offerings to include services for saving, increasing, and lending money as well as for encouraging others and preparing for contingencies. We will engage in open innovation activities with venture and other FinTech companies to develop such services in various fields.

Operating Environment

The focus of consumers is shifting away from valuing physical goods to placing more emphasis on fulfilling lifestyles. Moreover, the advancement of information and communications technology (ICT) is making financial services more readily available to everyone.

Distribution of Payment Methods by Countries

*1 Bank transfers, debit cards, prepaid cards, electronic money, etc.
Calculated by MARUI GROUP based on materials provided by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.; and Japan Consumer Credit Association

Receipt of 16th Porter Prize by MARUI GROUP's Credit Card Services Business

MARUI GROUP's credit card services business has a long history dating back to its founding and the installment payments offered then that gained additional depth when the Company issued Japan’s first credit card in 1960. This business was awarded the 16th Porter Prize. The rationale for this selection included a high evaluation of factors such as how we ensure the convenience of credit card issuance in recognition of our cards' position in supporting retail, how our cards are largely held by customers under the age of 40 due to our policy of building creditability together with customers, and the large ratio of revolving payment usage.

About the Porter Prize
The Porter Prize is an award that was created in July 2001 to bestow recognition on Japanese companies that have achieved and maintained superior profitability in a particular industry by implementing unique strategies based on innovations in products, processes, and ways of managing. The name of the award is derived from Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard University.

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