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    • 2000JanuaryLaunched Marui store website

    • FebruaryOpened Marui Family Shiki
      Established sales companies Fashion Freak Co., Ltd. and Access Co., Ltd.

    • AprilOpened specialty store on 4th floor of LaLaport TOKYO-BAY

    • AugustBegan offering special benefit services for people having weddings

    • 2000
      New Akai Card

      OctoberBegan issuing new Akai Cards and introduced new revolving payment system for cash advances

    • 2001JanuaryBegan issuing GALA@DEBUT Cards featuring special benefits for job seekers

    • FebruaryEstablished Marui be Machida (currently Machida Modi) Established sales company M's Mode Co., Ltd.

  • 2002AprilOpened Marui Family Ebina

    • 2003FebruaryEstablished Marui Smart Support Co., Ltd. to provide office function outsourcing services

    • AprilChanged fiscal year from February 1–January 31 to April 1–March 31

    • MayEstablished food product procurement and sales company Marui Seasoning Co., Ltd.

    • OctoberSwitched Group to an integrated management system
      Opened Kobe Marui, the first Marui store in the Kansai region

    • 2004FebruaryOpened Kitasenju Marui, the largest Marui store to date

    • MarchEstablished women's accessory procurement and sales company Marui Palette Co., Ltd. and women's clothing procurement and sales company Marui Fashion Navi Co., Ltd.

    • OctoberEstablished credit card company Marui Card Co., Ltd.
      Began introducing new IT systems for sales

    • NovemberEstablished collection and management of receivables business subsidiary MRI Co., Ltd.

    • 2005FebruaryEstablished PM Business Division in AIM CREATE CO., LTD. and Staff Dispatch & Education Division in Marui Smart Support Co., Ltd.

    • MarchObtained special license from Visa International for MARUI Card that included direct issuance rights

    • AprilTadao Aoi became Chairman; Hiroshi Aoi became President

    • MayAnnounced MARUI GROUP's medium-term management plan

New Akai Card
    • 2006
      EPOS card

      2006MarchBegan issuing EPOS cards

    • AprilEstablished e-commerce and mail-order sales company Marui Voi, Co., Ltd.

    • AugustEstablished interior product procurement and sales company in The Room Co., Ltd.

    • 2006
      Namba Marui, the first Marui store in Osaka

      SeptemberOpened Namba Marui, the first Marui store in OsakaAIM CREATE CO., LTD. established Machida Modi on the site of former Marui be Machida, representing a shift to a new business

    • 2007FebruaryOpened Marui City Shinjuku-1 (currently Shinjuku Marui Annex)

    • MarchEstablished Totsuka Modi
      Established Kawagoe ModiEstablished Procent Inc. as a joint venture with OMC Card, Inc.

    • MayEstablished sporting goods procurement and sales company Marui Field Co., Ltd.

    • SeptemberIntegrated Moving's home delivery business into Yamato's Home Convenience service
      Established Tachikawa Modi

    • 2007
      Yurakucho Marui

      OctoberSwitched to holding company system; Changed name to MARUI GROUP CO., LTDEstablished watch procurement and sales company MARUI 4 DOT WATCH CO., LTD.Established Marui Home Service Co., Ltd. which commenced operations after spinoff in January 2008, to expand the home service operations of CSC Service Co., Ltd.Opened Yurakucho Marui

EPOS card
Namba Marui, Second Marui store in Kansai region
Yurakucho Marui
    • 2008MarchOpened ru JEANS Tokyo Marui in Jiuguang Department Store in Shanghai, China

    • 2008
      EPOS Gold cards

      AprilStarted the MARUI GROUP's "The Power of Fashion to you." campaignBegan issuing EPOS Gold cards

    • JuneTadao Aoi became Honorary Chairman

    • AugustEstablished Marui (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as retailing business base in China

    • SeptemberBegan issuing EPOS Hundred Design Cards

    • OctoberIntegrated all procurement and sales companies into MARUI CO., LTD.

EPOS Gold cards
    • 2009FebruaryReorganized six stores in Shinjuku
      Opened Shinjuku Marui One and Shinjuku Marui Karen

    • 2009
      Shinjuku Marui Main Building

      AprilOpened Shinjuku Marui Main Building

    • SeptemberOpened Shinjuku Marui Annex

Shinjuku Marui Main Building