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    • 1990JulyStarted License System

    • 1990
      M & C SYSTEMS Center

      SeptemberM & C SYSTEMS Center

    • 1991JanuaryRecorded increased revenues and income for the 30th consecutive year

    • MarchOpened in The Room in Shibuya

    • SeptemberBegan issuing M1 Cards

    • 1992FebruaryOpened Soka Store (currently Soka Marui)

    • AprilCompleted construction of third building of Toda Product Center, launched new distribution system

    • JulyEstablished Toda Kit Delivery Center (currently MARUI KIT CENTER CO., LTD.) within Toda Product Center

    • SeptemberOpened FIELD store in Shinjuku

  • 1993FebruaryRelocated and expanded Marui Mito into large-scale store

M & C SYSTEMS Center
    • 1994
      Marui Card

      1994SeptemberBegan issuing Marui Card

    • 1994
      New head office building near north exit of Nakano Station

      NovemberCompleted construction of new head office building near north exit of Nakano Station

    • 1995FebruaryCompleted construction and held grand opening of new building of Marui Shizuoka (currently Keyaki Plaza)
      Started the M1 Card (currently EPOS card) consumer finance business

    • SeptemberIntroduced new "OIOI" logo mark

    • OctoberMARUI GROUP stock included in scope of calculation for the Nikkei 225

  • 1996SeptemberOpened Yokohama Higashi-Guchi Marui (currently Marui City Yokohama)

Marui Card
New head office building near north exit of Nakano Station
    • 1997AprilIntroduced Work Station sales-area-use terminals

    • 1997
      Marui Family Mizonokuchi

      SeptemberOpened Marui Family Mizonokuchi

    • 1998MarchChanged names of Shinjuku Marui Fashion Building, Shibuya Marui Main Building, Ikebukuro Marui, Ueno Marui, and Yokohama Higashi-Guchi Marui to Marui City

    • SeptemberReorganized stores in Shinjuku and Shibuya to establish Shinjuku Marui Men, Shinjuku Marui One, Shibuya Marui One, and Shinjuku Marui Zakka

  • 1999OctoberChanged Kashiwa First to Kashiwa VAT

Marui Family Mizonokuchi