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    • 1970JanuaryBecame No. 1 in monthly payment credit industry in fiscal year ended January 31, 1970

    • AprilOpened Marui Health Insurance Union Building

    • 1971JanuaryCompleted construction of Marui Computer Center

    • AprilEstablished Marui Bowl Co., Ltd.

    • JuneOpened Toda General Distribution Center

    • DecemberIntroduced automatic bank account deduction payment system

    • 1972MarchChuji Aoi became Chairman; Tadao Aoi became President

    • SeptemberCreated Marui Credit Members system

  • 1973JanuaryStarted "OIOI" campaign
    All store phone numbers made to end with 0101

    • New Shinjuku Marui

      1974MayOpened New Shinjuku Marui (currently Shinjuku Marui Main Building)

    • NovemberLaunched industry's first POS online credit inquiry system

    • 1975AugustFounder Chuji Aoi passed away

    • Akai Cards

      SeptemberBegan offering on-the-spot approval at stores for Akai Cards

    • 1977JanuaryCompleted construction of first building of Toda Product Center

    • FebruaryOpened New Ikebukuro Nishi-Guchi Marui (currently Ikebukuro Marui)

    • 1979FebruaryEstablished Marui Group Welfare Association

    • JulyStarted Sparkling Sale program

  • 1980SeptemberOpened Machida Store (currently Machida Marui)

New Shinjuku Marui
Akai Cards
    • Began providing cash advances

      1981FebruaryBegan handling small-amount consumer loans

    • MayIntroduced new credit system allowing purchases or payments to be conducted in amounts as little as ¥1,000

    • 1982SeptemberOpened Omiya Marui

    • OctoberOpened Shimbashi Center, Japan's first specialty service store

    • 1983AugustIntroduced cash invoice pricing system and started no-down payment system

    • SeptemberOpened Marui Kinshicho

    • 1984MarchConstructed interior products building (currently Shinjuku Marui Men) and sporting goods building, completing five building structures of Shinjuku Marui

    • SeptemberEstablished M & C SYSTEMS CO., LTD.; Entered into IT systems business

    • 1985MarchStarted AS (amenities of shopping) program

    • AprilOpened and expanded floor space of second building of Shibuya Marui (currently Shibuya Modi and Shibuya Marui)

    • AugustOpened Ueno Store (currently Ueno Marui)

  • 1986AugustStarted Marui Junior Club One
    Launched M TOPS

    • 1987FebruaryFormulated 5 AS Principles to supplement company policy and credo

    • JulyEstablished CSC Service Co., Ltd. (currently MARUI FACILITIES Co., Ltd.)

    • NovemberStarted the Gift Campaign in correspondence with Christmas campaigns

Began providing cash advances
    • 1988JulyOpened AS School

    • Voi mail-order catalogue

      SeptemberVoi mail-order catalogue

    • 1989MarchOpened Kokubunji Store (currently Kokubunji Marui), first store to be located inside a train station building

    • SeptemberOpened Oimachi Marui

Voi mail-order catalogue